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The Zoo is Blue

Title: The Zoo is Blue

Price: $12.97

Format: Hard Cover Book

Size: 7" x 8 1/2"

Personalized with stickers that you apply.

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Product Description

Zoo Is Blue - Personalized Sticker Book

You will enjoy reading this story filled with homonyms. What begins as a normal trip to the zoo turns out to be quite an adventure. This fun problem solving book allows your child to save the day while learning valuable reading skills. Personalized with Stickers that you apply.

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"The Zoo is Blue"

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This story was written especially for

Matthew John Marsh

With love from,

Grandma and Grandpa

December 25, 2000

Page 5 - introduction page:

Matthew John Marsh

is the star of this story.

Page 6 - illustration page
Athens Messenger
Matthew John Marsh
Wayne, Joe and Billy will go along. There's big news today...This is the day for Zoo Adventure!

Page 7 illustration page plus:
The children packed a tasty lunch with a pair of pear pies and, a pudding cake. What a wonderful time this was going to be!

Page 8 - illustration page plus:
Matthew prepared a special bag for the trip...just in case.

Page 9 - illustration page plus:
Away they went. The children read a book and played with a big red ball in the car. Everyone was having a ball as they traveled to the zoo.

Page 10 - illustration page plus:
But, when they reached the main gate, they could see something was very wrong. The zookeeper came running toward them with a gait so fast he ran out of his shoe!
Then his pocket watch fell out of his long coat, and a scraggly old monkey grabbed it and ran off. He longed to get it back, but the zookeeper was just too upset.

Page 11 - illustration page plus:
Everyone in the zoo was feeling blue. Now who would coat the zoo in blue?

Page 12 - illustration page plus:
"I'm so blue... The zoo is blue. I don't know what to do!" he cried. Before they could ask him what he meant, he turned right and blew right past them. "The zoo is blue!" he cried again. No one understood this, so it seemed right to go inside and look for themselves.

Page 13 - illustration page plus:
Upon entering, they saw the zoo was indeed as blue as the zookeeper said. They went to the zebra corral where they were meet by a glum looking creature with no stripes and a big blue tear in his eye. "We're blue because we have no stripes. We don't know what to do!" he cried.

Page 14 - illustration page plus:
This wouldn't do at all. Zebras were supposed to have stripes and that's all there is to it! So Matthew reached into his bag and found a big black crayon.

Page 15 - illustration page plus:
In just a few minutes, stripes had been placed on every zebra in the place. And, even though some stripes were a little crooked, the zebras were happy again. They jumped and kicked and sang a zebra song!

Page 16 - illustration page.

Page 17 - illustration page plus:
Suddenly, everyone heard a faint sound. They thought they would faint when they saw a rhino standing in his clover. He had no horn and two blue tears running down his cheeks. "I'm blue because I have no horn and I don't know what to do!" he cried.

Page 18
This time Matthew and Wayne, Joe and Billy reached into the special bag and found a colorful birthday party hat.

Page 19 - illustration page plus:
After slipping the hat over the rhino's nose, everyone could see it was a perfect fit. It was as fine as any horn could ever be. "Wow," cheered the rhino." I was having a fit, but this is beautiful!" He was so pleased he gave a bouquet of very fine woven clover to everybody. He was blue no more.

Page 20 - illustration page plus:
"Oh boo hoo hoo, boo hoo hoo," everyone heard above. They had to use binoculars to see who was crying so way up high. On the top branch of a tall pine tree was a frightened stork. It appeared she might pine away, clinging to the branch with all her might. Around her were puffy blue clouds. She was crying so hard it made blue rain fall.

Page 21 - illustration page plus:
"I'm blue!" cried the stork. "I flew too high above the land, and now I'm afraid I'll land too hard!" There was nothing in the special bag that would help this situation. The only thing to do was to climb up there and help her down. But who would be the one to do it?

Page 22 - illustration page plus:
Matthew decided he would rescue the stork. But when a dead limb snapped... the little bear couldn't bear to look!

Page 23 - illustration page.

Page 24 - illustration page plus:
The ground was coming up fast when out of the blue and as quick as light, the stork swooped down to save the day. The landing was light and gentle beneath the tree.
The stork saved Matthew!

Page 25 - illustration page plus:
"I saw you were in danger, so I lost all my fear and flew down to rescue you. Now you are safe and I'm blue no more!"

Page 26 - illustration page plus:
The zookeeper was rocking on a rock with his head in his hands. "I'm blue because the monkey hid my watch," he said. "I won't know when it's feeding time without it.

Page 27 - illustration page plus:
The scraggly old monkey who wouldn't mind came to mind. He had taken the watch to a hollow log near by. Soon, everyone gathered there. I don't mind saying, it was a spooky place.

Page 28 - illustration page plus:
"Hiding the watch was mean," said one child to the monkey.

Page 29 - illustration page plus:
After a moment, the monkey appeared. He didn't mean to act so mean. "I'm sorry," he said, "I took this watch and I know it was wrong. Now I'm blue and don't know what to do!"

Page 30 - illustration page plus:
"I'm sure if we watch you return the watch, everyone will forgive you," said the zebra.
"And, if you ask, maybe the zookeeper will help you find a nicer home," added the rhino.

Page 31 - illustration page plus:
So the monkey returned the pocket watch, and Matthew exclaimed, "Now, all of the animals will be fed on time!" This made everyone happy. At last the zoo was blue no more!

Page 32 - illustration page plus:
NOTE: The name of your zoo is in the illustration
When all the children were ready to part, the animals did their part to say goodbye. "Hurray, Hurray!" they all sang out. "You came to the zoo when we were blue, but now we're blue no more."
Come back soon, Matthew!
We'll All Miss You, Matthew.

Page 33
They sang and danced, and danced and sang, and the tall giraffe gave a ride to anyone who wanted. The zookeeper passed out balloons to all who went past. There were red ones, green ones, yellow ones, and orange ones.... But no blue ones!

Page 34 - illustration page

Page 35
Here is the list of homonyms appearing throughout your story:

page 7 pair-pear
page 9 red-read, ball-ball
page 10 gate-gait, long-longed, coat- (page 11 coat)
page 11 blue-blue, coat- (page 10 coat)
page 12 right-right, blue-blew
page 15 placed-place
page 17 faint-faint, to-two
page 19 fit-fit, fine-fine
page 20 hoo-who, pine-pine, might-might
page 21 land-land, to-too
page 22 bear-bear
page 24 light-light
page 26 rocking-rock
page 27 mind-mind
page 29 mean-mean
page 30 watch-watch
page 32 part-part
page 33 passed-past

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