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Disney Minnie and Me

Title: Minnie and Me at the Beach © Disney

Price: $15.97

Brand: Best Personalized Books©

Format: Hard Cover Book

Size: 6" x 9"

Discontinued - Limited Quantities

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Product Description

Minnie and Me Spend the Day on the Beach

Your child will visit Minnie Mouse at the beach and work together in a sand castle contest in this personalized Disney book.


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"Minnie and Me"

Disney Minnie and Me

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Kelsey Shaye Whiting

spends a Special Day with Minnie Mouse

With love from,

Mawmaw and Pawpaw

June 22, 2018

At last summertime was here! That meant Kelsey Shaye Whiting, age 4, who lived in Midland, Texas was going to visit Minnie Mouse at the beach. When Kelsey finally arrived, she and Minnie grabbed their bathing suits and took off.

The beach was very crowded, and the sand very hot. Kelsey and Minnie decided to play in the waves.

"I'll race you," yelled Minnie, heading into the water. Laughing the whole time, they kicked and splashed around.

Later, when Kelsey and Minnie headed back to their towels, they saw some children standing in a line near a sign that said, "Sand Castle Contest." They decided to run over to see what it was about.

"I love sand castles", said Kelsey. Minnie did, too, so they both signed up for the contest.

Maybe I'll win a trophy that I can show to BeBe, Amanda, and Luke, thought Kelsey.

Sand flew right and left as all the sand castles on the beach began to take shape.

Kelsey decided to build her sand castle in a triangle shape with a square moat around it.

Minnie took a look at the castle Kelsey designed and said, "I'm sure it's going to be beautiful. Maybe you'll win first prize!"

Kelsey liked that idea a lot!

Minnie went to the water's edge and was scooping up wet sand. When Minnie looked back, she noticed that Kelsey was looking sad. Minnie and Kelsey only had one pail and on shovel. How could they both build a sand castle?

"I know what we can do," said Minnie with a smile. "Let's share. We can take turns using the pail and shovel."

"Great!" said Kelsey.

Minnie and Kelsey worked happily side by side. But before long, their castles began to get very big, and they had to move farther and farther away from each other.

Every now and then, Kelsey and Minnie looked up to see how their castles were coming along. Minnie thought the castle Kelsey was building was the prettiest, while Kelsey thought Minnie's was the most beautiful.

Minnie and Kelsey looked longingly at the first prize on the judging stand: a glittering golden castle. It was the loveliest thing Kelsey had ever seen.

But as Minnie was walking around her castle, she accidently knocked over one of the walls!

Oh no, thought Minnie. Now I'll never win.

Minnie was feeling very sad so she walked down the beach. She noticed lots of children working on sand castles. They were all laughing and joking, and having a good time. Suddenly Minnie realized that she was not having much fun at all. Kelsey must have realized it, too, because she came running down the beach after her friend.

Kelsey tapped Minnie on the shoulder. "It really doesn't matter who wins this contest," said Kelsey.

"You're right," said Minnie with a smile. "Besides, it isn't much fun working by yourself."

"No," agreed Kelsey. Then she had a great idea. "You know, we could build a sand castle together!"

"That would be wonderful," said Minnie, laughing.

They hurried back to their sand castles and went to work. One wall of Minnie's castle was already down, so Kelsey had the smart idea of building a new wall that would join the two castles together.

Now they had one great big castle, decorated with seashells and sand dollars they'd both collected. When the castle was finished, they dug a moat all around it.

People came from up and down the beach to look at their wonderful castle. The judges awarded the first prize to Kelsey and Minnie!

"You should keep the prize so you can show it to BeBe, Amanda, and Luke," said Minnie.

But Kelsey had a better idea. "We'll take turns sharing the prize," she said. "That way you can take it home, too."

"Oh Kelsey!" said Minnie. "You're my best friend!"

The End

© The Walt Disney Company

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