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Disney Snow White

Title: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs© Disney

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Brand: Best Personalized Books©

Format: Hard Cover Book

Size: 6" x 9"

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Your child cn help the Seven Dwarf's dig up a beautiful Emerald for Snow White and escape the evil queen in this personalized Disney book.


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"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"

Disney Snow White

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Kelsey Shaye Whiting

visits Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

With love from,

Mawmaw and Pawpaw

June 22, 2018

Just as the sun came up, Kelsey Shaye Whiting, age 4, from Midland, Texas, arrived at the jewel mine of the Seven Dwarfs. "Hi, Doc, Happy, Sleepy!" said Kelsey. "Hi, Sneezy and Grumpy and Bashful! You too, Dopey!"

"Hello, Kelsey," they said. "Are you ready to help us dig?"

"Sure," said Kelsey. "I hope I can find a gigantic jewel for Granny, Nonny, and Aunt Alysa!"

Meanwhile, a dark figure was leaving the castle and creeping up to another entrance, high above the mine.

"Ha, ha!" cackled the evil Witch. "When Kelsey and those little men dig up this emerald, they'll want to take it home to Snow White. And when she looks at it in the sunlight, she will instantly grow old." The Witch quickly buried the magic emerald deep inside the mine where the others would find it.

Later, Sleepy started yawning. "Gosh, I sure could use a rest," he said, curling up in a cart.

"Me, too," said Kelsey. "But I see something shiny father back in the mine. Let's check it out first."

Kelsey dug into the wall and hit something hard. As she scraped away the dirt, there was the giant emerald that the Witch had buried.

"Wow! This is amazing," said Kelsey. "I wish Granny, Nonny, and Aunt Alysa could see it!"

"Let's cook at it, uh, look at it in the funlight, uh, sunlight," said Doc.

"Tarnation!" mumbled Grumpy. "Next thing ya know, you'll be wantin' to give it to Snow White." Everyone shouted at once, "That's what we'll do!"

Doc carried the emerald outside. It glittered in the sunshine. Suddenly it began to glow. "It's reacting to the sunlight," shouted Kelsey.

"Quick! We better cover it up. It could have a spell on it!" Dopey gave Kelsey a sack. "I'll bet the queen has something to do with this," Kelsey said, dropping the emerald in. "Let's take it back to her castle before it harms anyone."

As they approached the Queen's castle, Kelsey noticed a gate barely visible behind some flowering vines.

"Come on," Kelsey whispered. "This could be a secret entrance." Slowly the Seven Dwarfs inched along a winding tunnel behind Kelsey. They hoped it would lead to a room far away from the evil Queen!

When Kelsey pushed open the trap door at the end of the tunnel, there was the Queen's throne! "Gosh," sighed Bashful. "Those jewels look purty in the sunshine."

"That's it!" cried Kelsey. "We'll put the emerald in that sunbeam. Then its spell will work on the Queen instead."

"Hurry, Kelsey!" urged Sneezy, "Ah, ah, ah…" Dopey and Happy stopped Sneezy from sneezing just in time. They could hear footsteps coming!

Everyone scurried through the trap door just as the Queen returned to the throne room. Kelsey led the Seven Dwarfs out through the tunnel to safety.

"Whew! That was plose, uh, close," said Doc. "Thank you for getting us out of there, Kelsey."

Just then the Queen's voice echoed throught the tunnel. "Aieeii! I must reverse the spell before it's too late!"

Kelsey looked up towards the throne room. She could see the Queen's raven flapping about as smoke spilled out of the window.

"Heh! Good thing you had us return that durn gem, Kelsey," said Grumpy. Kelsey smiled. "I'm just glad we got rid of it in time."

"I'm highty mungry. I mean mighty hungry," said Doc. "Let's go get some supper." When they arrived at the cottage, Snow White had supper ready. Kelsey and the Seven Dwarfs sat down to a hearty meal – after they washed up, of course. Later, they danced and sang.

"Why don't you stay and help us dig tomorrow!" said Happy.

"Thanks, but I need to get home," said Kelsey. "I can't wait to tell Granny, Nonny, and Aunt Alysa about our adventure."

The End

© The Walt Disney Company

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