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Sing Along with VeggieTales

Title: Sing Along with VeggieTales

Price: $24.97

Format: Personalized Music CD

Personalization: Sings and Says Name

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Product Description

Sing Along With VeggieTales - Personalized Children's Music CD

Your child will love to sing along with Bob and Larry from the VeggieTales in this personalized music CD that features 17 tracks - 8 songs and 9 dialogue segments personalized by singing or speaking your child's name over 25 times!

1) Introduction with Bob & Larry (Dialogue)
2) VeggieTales Theme Song (Song)
3) That Was Great! (Dialogue)
4) If Youíre Happy and You Know It (Song)
5) We Donít Have Hands (Dialogue)
6) Heís Got The Whole World In His Hands (Song)
7) Good Friends (Dialogue)
8) Hokey Pokey (Song)
9) Hey, That Reminds Me! (Dialogue)
10) I Can Be Your Friend (Song)
11) Friends Are Like Presents (Dialogue)
12) God Is So Good (Song)
13) So Very Thankful (Dialogue)
14) The Thankfulness Song (Song)
15) One Last Song (Dialogue)
16) Twinkle, Twinkle (Song)
17) Goodbye! (Dialogue)

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