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Party with The Wiggles

Title: Party with The Wiggles

Price: $24.97

Format: Personalized Music CD

Personalization: Sings and Says Name

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Product Description

Party With The Wiggles - Personalized Children's Music CD

The Wiggles, have been entertaining millions of children around the world for over 20 years. Your child is going to have lots of fun singing and dancing with the Wiggles in this musical birthday party. This personalized birthday music CD features 9 personalized songs and 9 tracks of dialogue with The Wiggles speaking and singing your child's name over 55 times! What a great party this will make!

1) Letís Sing! (Dialogue)
2) Hello, Weíre The Wiggles (Song)
3) Everyoneís Here! (Dialogue)
4) Wiggle Party (Song)
5) Remember That Day? (Dialogue)
6) Dorothyís Birthday Party (Song)
7) Letís Pretend! (Dialogue)
8) Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo (Song)
9) Imagine Butterflies! (Dialogue)
10) Butterflies Flit (Song)
11) Get Ready To Dance! (Dialogue)
12) Do The Wiggle Groove (Song)
13) Letís Play A Game! (Dialogue)
14) Move Like an Emu (Song)
15) Ducks! (Dialogue)
16) Have A Happy Birthday (Song)
17) What A Great Party! (Dialogue)
18) Goodbye From The Wiggles (Song)

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