Fundraiser Agreement

Date: ________________

School/Organization: _____________________________
this will go on brochure.

Number of people selling: __________________________________

Full Address: ______________________________________

Contact Person: _____________________________

Phone: _________________ E-mail:_______________________________

Checks must be made payable to: ______________________________________

Contractor: My Create-A-Book, Publishing, 37486 Eagle Dr. , Livonia, MI 48150
Name: Debbie- My Create-a-Book Publishing,

Terms of Agreement:

The School/Organization will:

* Print and distribute brochure/order forms to the participants to get orders.
* Make sure order forms are complete and legible.

* Mail orders and payment in full to the contractor.
* Deliver finished books to the customers.

* Keep the Contractor informed of any changes in plan.

My Create-A-Book, Publishing (contractor) will:
* Provide brochure/order form file to organization for them to print.
* Provide website for online orders.

* Individually ship website orders directly to customers.

* Make the books in a timely manner, with a predetermined finish date.
* Ship the books and profit check to the organization by the predetermined date.

* Make any corrections needed to delivered books as a result of printing mistakes or assembly errors, provided it is brought to the contractor's attention within 30 days.

Time period of sale: from ____________to ___________ Must end before October 31st.

Date order forms and payment will be mailed to contractor: ___________________

Delivery of books on or before: ____________________________________
need 3-4 weeks

Price of each book: $16.00 Profits: 1-25 books=$4 ea, 26-74 books=$5 ea, 75 and up=$6 ea.


Signed: _______________________________ Date: ___________________