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My Beach Adventure

Title: My Beach Adventure

Price: $12.97

Format: Hard Cover Book

Size: 7" x 8 1/2"

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Product Description

My Beach Adventure - Personalized Children's book

This book helps remind your child of all that fun they had at the beach. You spend the day at a beach side amusement park. Deciding what exciting activity to do first while visiting your favorite beach side location can be difficult for kids of all ages!

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"My Beach Adventure"

Beach Adventure

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"My Beach Adventure"

was created especially for

Andrew James Smith

at the age of 5

Happy Birthday!, With Love,

Grandma and Grandpa

July 15, 2009

It was an absolutely gorgeous day at Daytona Beach. All the beach umbrellas were in place for those sun lovers who ventured to the beach today. The braver swimmers were already in the water. Andrew Smith could always find many exciting things to do.



Playing peacefully at the water's edge was a pleasure for Andy. The waves would sometimes sneak up on him when he was least expecting them. Sometimes Andy just liked to dig in the sand with his toes and feel the cool water on a hot day.


The annual sandcastle contest was fun to enter. Andy had practiced building both funny-looking and elaborate sandcastles with Jimmy, Johnny and Josh. For this reason, Andy always kept his shovel, bucket, sifters and other beach tools ready.



It was entertaining to watch the people riding surfboards. It really did not look that difficult to Andy. Some of the surfers could even stay on the boards all the way to the beach. Maybe one day.


Water bike rides looked exciting. It would sure be fascinating to race along the edge of the water. Andy could not decide which would be more thrilling, being a passenger or a driver. As the driver, he could stop when he wanted and look for seashells or sandcrabs scurrying from hole to hole.



Jimmy, Johnny and Josh had helped select a kite for Andy that was especially made for the strong beach winds. He loved to run up and down the beach with his kite, sometimes with others and occasionally just by himself.


Sack races were not only amusing to observe, but also engaging to participate in at Daytona Beach. Andy practiced at home with Jimmy, Johnny and Josh. It was not hard for him to beat Jimmy, Johnny and Josh in his daydreams.



Fishing at the beach could be a pleasant pastime. Andy thought it would be tasty to catch a fish at Daytona Beach and eat it right away. Fresh fish was bound to taste much better than frozen fish bought at a supermarket.


The colorful sails of all the sailboats around Daytona Beach always caught the eye of Andy. Lessons were given there. One day Andy was sure that he was going to sign up for them.



What would Jimmy, Johnny and Josh say if Andy learned to pilot his own sailboat? Everyone would surely want to go with him. Of course, he would let them. To Andy, it was even adventurous just to watch the small sailboats flip over every once in a while.


If sailing was too tame, then Daytona Beach also had jet skis. Andy had mixed feelings about trying them. It looked exciting, but he thought they were a bit scary and too fast. Andy planned to start off very slowly.



Just a few blocks from the beach itself were a variety of intriguing activities. The giant water slide was always swift. There were so many ways for Andy to go down the slide on his pad. Maybe next time he could try a new way.


If he tired of the water at Daytona Beach, a pool was always nearby to keep Andy cool on especially hot days. How relaxing to just lie and float! It was fun for hin to watch seagulls fly overhead or try to distinguish different make-believe objects in the puffy, white clouds.



Sometimes when Andy, along with Jimmy, Johnny and Josh, had too much fun in the sun, they looked for other engrossing things to do. This might include motorcycle rides, mini golf, bumper cars, roller coaster rides, go-carts, the ferris wheel or maybe the merry-go-round.


Today, there was even a big parade at the beach. Andy thought it would be fantastic to ride on a float with Jimmy, Johnny and Josh. The costumes he imagined them wearing were hilarious and made him roll with laughter.



Yes, Daytona Beach was simply amazing! Andy enjoyed peaceful strolls down the beach at sunset. It was always so calm at that time of day. Could there be any other beach prettier than Daytona Beach? Andrew Smith didn't think so.


Andrew Smith,

Daytona Beach

is a fun place to swim.
Name other places you can go to swim.






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