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Unique Fundraiser Opportunity
Selling Personalized Children's Books

We wish to offer you a great fundraising opportunity. My Create-A-Book Publishing has been in business creating hard-covered personalized children's books for over 20 years. Personalized Books are a great fundraising idea and are very easy to sell.

Personalized Children's Books

Are you tired of selling and buying the typical fundraiser candy and wrapping paper?

Does your school, church, daycare or other organization need to raise money for a special cause? My Create-A-Book, Publishing can help your group raise its needed funds by offering the opportunity to run a personable and unique fundraising event. Instead of the typical candy and wrapping paper fundraisers, why not let your organization sell a product that won't get used up or thrown in the back of a closet! A product people will love and will keep for a lifetime.

Personalized Books are a great fundraising idea and almost sell themselves.

We wish to offer you a great fundraising opportunity. My Create-A-Book Publishing has been in business creating hard-covered personalized children's books for over 20 years. Personalized Books are a great fundraising idea and are very easy to sell. Parents, Grandparents, Godparents and other relatives will enjoy buying them because they are educational, inspirational and reasonably priced! Each of these keepsake books allows a child to become the main character or "star" of the story. This makes them a treasured keepsake and a special gift for any occasion. These books lend themselves beautifully to any type of fundraiser. We are sure this will be a very popular and profitable event for your group.

With so many book choices this fundraiser can easily be repeated year after year.

This fundraiser not only makes your organization money but it also places in the hands of children great reading material that motivates them to want to read. It will benefit the child at home by giving him (or her) his very own personalized book where they are the "star" of the story. Seeing his name, friend's names, age and hometown throughout the book encourages him to read the book over and over again. In the process, he becomes a better reader. We have many different books currently available. We have books for birthdays, the new baby, sports, dinosaurs, Mother Goose, religious titles and much more. We even carry a line of adult personalized books. There is something for everyone.

You decide your profit.

An exciting feature of this fundraiser is you decide how much profit your organization will make. You will sell the books for $16.00 each.

  • Sell 1-25 books make $4 profit per book.
  • Sell 26-74 books make $5 profit per book.
  • Sell over 75 books make $6 profit per book.

Typically, when someone purchases a book directly from our regular website, it costs them $16.47 including shipping and handling, so selling them for $16 is not unreasonable at all. If 30 books are sold, that is a profit of $150 for your organization! Sell 100 books and make $600.

This fundraiser is easy and you get your money fast.

Another benefit of this fundraiser is it is easy and you get your money fast. We will provide you with a PDF file for a color brochures with your organization's name on them. These double as order forms. You simply print and distribute them to your students to take orders. We will also set up a separate fundriaser website for people to place orders online.See our fundraiser website.This makes sales to friends and family who live out of town much easier. You simply include the website address in any and all correspondence. Books ordered online will be shipped directly to the customer, so nominal shipping and handling fees will be added to those orders. After the sale has ended, you mail us the completed order forms and the payment for your cost of the books determined by the number of books you sold. We individually publish each book for you by hand within 3 weeks. We then return the finished books to you for distribution along with a profit check for your organization covering your website sales.

We'll replace books, without charge, in the event of an error.

We make every effort to provide you with the highest quality personalized books. To prevent errors, please have customers write legibility and double check their order forms before sending them. If an error is found in book simply send the book back within 30 days for free replacement.

That's all there is to it.

A fun and simple way to raise money with a unique personalized product that will be treasured for a lifetime. Selling personalized books works! Get started making money for your organization now! Click here for a sample fundraiser agreement letter. We are limited to how many fundraisers we can do at a time and it is on a first come first serve basis, so to secure your placement and to get started as soon as possible mail us the signed Fundraiser Agreement so we can begin making money for your organization right away.I am looking forward to working with you on this Fund Raising Project and will make myself available to you as needed. Please feel free to email me should you have any questions or need additional information.



(Fundraisers must end no later than October 31 for Christmas)

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