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Photo Personalized DVD

Title: Precious Moments: “Our Angel Saves the Day” DVD

Price: $22.97-$29.97

Format: DVD Video

Format: Digital MP4 Video - NEW!

Personalization: Photo Personalized & Speaks Name

Please check name availability below before ordering.

After the order is placed you can send the photo you wish us to use in the video by email. High quality photos are best and must be facing straight forward. Please include child's name and the DVD ordered.

Product Description

Precious Moments: Our Angel Saves the Day Personalized DVD

Precious Moments™ has captured the hearts of the young and old for over 30 years. In “Our Angel Saves the Day” your child portrays an angel on a special mission. He or she will be featured in a 22-minute, full color animated story to bring two villages together on the basis of friendship. This heartwarming story will teach your child the meaning of friendship and trust when building relationships with others.

New!! This video now comes in a digital version. You can download the video in digital MP4 format that can be used in any digital device... iPads, smartphones, tablets, computers... just about ANYWHERE!

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