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Little Mermaid

Title: The Little Mermaid

Price: $12.97

Format: Hard Cover Book

Size: 7" x 8 1/2"

Personalized with stickers that you apply.

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Product Description

The Little Mermaid - Personalized Sticker Book

Come and enter the underwater world of Aquaria, the beautiful mermaid, as she and your child go on an adventure to search for her father's powerful trident. Personalized with Stickers that you apply.

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"The Little Mermaid"

Words in red are the personalized words
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This book is made especially for

Jessica Johnson

With love from,

Mommy and Daddy

May 25, 2000

Page 5 Sticker:
One night after reading her favorite book, Jessica was walking down the beach searching for sea shells. Suddenly she spotted something.

Page 6 Sticker:
Without being noticed, Jessica quickly hid behind a large rock.

Page 7 Text:
There, sitting in the moonlight, was the most beautiful mermaid! In her hands she held a starfish.

Page 8 Text:
"Oh Starla, what am I going to do?" wept the beautiful mermaid.

Page 9 Text:
The little starfish sadly replied, "Don't cry, Aquaria, we'll find your father's trident somehow!"

Page 10 Text:
At that moment, Aquaria heard someone nearby and quickly slipped back into the water.

Page 11 Text:
Peering from behind the rock where she had been sitting, Aquaria was frozen!

Page 12 Text:
Starla whispered to her, "Look, a small human! Maybe now we can get some help!"

Page 12 Sticker:
"Don't be afraid," Jessica called out. "I didn't mean to frighten you! I just want to talk to you."

Page 13 Text:
Aquaria felt she could trust the little person and moved closer to shore. "I've never seen a human before!" she said softly.

Page 13 Sticker:
I've never seen a mermaid before! But I have heard stories about you!" Jessica said in excitement. "I was collecting sea shells when I saw you," she explained.

Page 14 Text:
Smiling, she said, "My name is Aquaria! I'm in need of your help. I've something of my father's without permission, and now I've lost it!"

Page 15 Sticker:
"How can I help you?" Jessica asked. "I can not breathe underwater."

Page 16 Text:
By the touch of a mermaid's hand you will change into a mermaid and be able to come with me. As a human you can not breathe underwater." explained Aquaria.

Page 17 Sticker:
Excitedly, Jessica walked over to Aquaria and touched her hand.

Page 18 Text:
Aquaria changed her new friend into a mermaid, and the two headed down into the ocean where they came upon other mermaids.

Page 20 Sticker:
Jessica smiled as she viewed the beautiful scenery around her. How she wished Kelley could be with her.

Page 22 Sticker:
The water began getting darker and colder. Aquaria told Jessica, "This is where the evil Sea Hag lives! There is her cave! She pointed as they quickly swam by.

Page 23 Text:
Up ahead, by an old sunken ship, was the Sea Hag and her sea serpents. In her hand she held the King's trident!

Page 24 Sticker:
Aquaria and Jessica quickly hid behind the coral. They didn't notice the sea serpents circling around behind them until it was too late. Dodging the electricity generated by the sea serpents, Jessica and Aquaria found themselves in front of the evil Sea Hag.

Page 26 Text:
"Well, what have we here? The King's daughter!" The Sea Hag smiled evilly and put the point of the trident under Aquaria's chin. "Come for your father's trident, have you?"

Page 27 Sticker:
Reacting quickly, Jessica picked up a shell and threw it toward the Sea Hag, causing her to drop the trident.

Page 29 Text:
Aquaria grabbed the trident and shot a bolt of lightning at the evil Sea Hag. Instantly, the Sea Hag and her sea serpents vanished.

Page 30 Text:
Returning the trident to her father, Aquaria said, "I know what I did was wrong and I have learned a valuable lesson." Her father forgave her.

Page 31 Sticker:
Changing Jessica back into a human again, Aquaria thanked her for her help. Jessica asked if she would ever see Aquaria again. "Someday," said Aquaria. "Until then, keep this necklace as a reminder of our friendship."

Page 32 Sticker:
Aquaria waived goodbye to Jessica.

Page 33 Sticker:
Just then, Kelley called out, "Wake up sleepy head! I thought you would like to go to the beach to look for sea shells."


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