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Little Red Riding Hood Pop-up book

Title: Little Red Riding Hood

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Format: Hard Cover Pop-up Book

Size: 7" x 8 1/2"

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Product Description

Little Red Riding Hood - Personalized Pop-Up Book

In this personalized fairy tale pop-up book, your little princess is Red Riding Hood.If your child is a boy it will be a narrative story. Will Grandma get lunch or will Grandma be lunch?

These popular books have been floating around for many years and it's time to clear them out. Some of the books may have minor scuffs, bumps or bruises on them. They are being sold as is. Personalized with Stickers.

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"Little Red Riding Hood;

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Girl version

This book was created especially for Jessica Lynn Smith
at the age of 4
Merry Christmas from Mom and Dad
December 24, 2003

Once there was a little girl name Jessica Smith who lived in Plymouth. Jessica loved to visit Grandmother. One day, her Grandmother made a little red cape with a hood on it. She loved the cape so much that wore it everywhere. Some people even called her Little Red Riding Hood.

One day Jessica's mother asked her to take some cakes to her Grandmother who was not feeling well. Jessica's father warned her to stay on the path and not talk to strangers. Jessica promised to remember and waved good-bye as she set off down the path.

Deep in the woods, Jessica saw some flowers and decided to pick some for Grandmother. Just then a big wolf jumped out from behind a bush. He asked what Jessica was carrying in her basket and tried to act friendly. Jessica forgot her promise to her father.  She told the wolf she had cakes for her sick Grandmother.

The wolf knew a shortcut through the woods. He hurried to Grandmother's house and slipped inside. Jessica continued on the path to Grandmother's house and wished that Amy and Sarah had come with her. When she got to Grandmother's house, she did not know that the wolf was inside. Jessica knocked on the door. "Come in,"said the wolf sweetly.

Jessica went into Grandmother's house, up to the bedside and gasped, "Oh, what big eyes you have, Grandmother." "The better to see you with," said the wolf in his best Grandmother voice. "Oh, what big ears you have, Grandmother," stated Jessica. "The better to hear you with," the wolf said sweetly. "And what big teeth you have, Grandmother," said Jessica.

"All the better to EAT you with, my dear!" snarled the wolf. Jessica yelled, "HELP! HELP! HELP!" Her father, who was working close by, heard her. He ran into the house and scared the wolf away. Grandmother came out of her hiding place and thanked Jessica for calling so loudly. Jessica couldn't wait to tell Amy and Sarah all about her day.

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