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Puss and Boots Pop-up book

Title: Puss and Boots

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Format: Hard Cover Pop-up Book

Size: 7" x 8 1/2"

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Product Description

Puss and Boots - Personalized Pop-Up Book

In this personalized fairy tale pop-up book, an orange tabby cat named Puss uses his ability to talk and devise plans to get himself a pair of boots and a suit, and his master a giant palace and the hand of the Princess in marriage.

These popular books have been floating around for many years and it's time to clear them out. Some of the books may have minor scuffs, bumps or bruises on them. They are being sold as is. Personalized with Stickers.

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"Puss and Boots"

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This book was created especially for Jimmy Smith

at the age of 5

Merry Christmas! Grandma and Grandpa

December 25, 2005

A miller once left all he owned to his three sons. The oldest got the mill. The middle son got a donkey. The youngest son got only an orange tabby cat. The youngest boy left the mill with his cat to find his own way in the world. Then a wondrous thing happened, Jimmy Smith. The cat spoke to the boy and told him to get a pair of boots and he would make the boy a fortune.

The miller's son then bought a suit for the cat. Puss then caught two plump rabbits and presented them to the king. "Your Majesty, I've come from my master, the Prince of Canton, Michigan," said Puss, using the first town he could think of. "He sends you a present of these fine rabbits." Jimmy, is there a Prince in Canton, Michigan? Would he be older than 5?

The next day Puss told his master to go swimming. He knew that the King and Princess would soon be driving by. When the miller's son dove in, Puss hid his clothes. Then he stopped the King's coach saying that robbers had attacked his master! The King quickly sent servants to pull him out of the river and dress him in some of the King's finest robes. "That's one smart cat," thought Jimmy.

The miller's son looked like a Princess as he sat beside the Princess in the coach. Puss ran ahead of the coach and told people to tell the King that the Prince of Canton, Michigan owned all this land. As the King's coach passed, Jimmy, he asked several men who owned the land they were traveling through. "The Prince of Canton, Michigan," they all replied.

Jimmy, Puss had already reached the castle of a mean magic giant. "Giant," said Puss, "I've heard that you can change yourself into any creature you wish. I'm sure you can't change into something as small as a mouse." When the Giant did, Puss chased him right out of the castle. Then his master, the King and Princess came inside.

"I've ordered a great feast," said Puss in Boots. They all sat down to the Giant's supper. There was enough food for all them, Jimmy and John and Mark, too! Now the King was sure the miller's son was truly the Prince of Canton, Michigan. The Princess married the miller's son and Puss looked after them for very long time.

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