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Personalized Navy Adventure

Title: My Navy Adventure

Price: $12.97

Brand: Create-A-Book®

Format: Hard Cover Book

Size: 7" x 8 1/2"

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Product Description

My Navy Adventure - Personalized Book

Your child is invited aboard a real navy ship where they are given a tour and they lend a helping hand to the Commanding officer as they safely return the ship to it's home port. Child will learn the meaning of several Navy terms.

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"My Navy Adventure"

Personalized Navy Adventure

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“My Navy Adventure”

was created especially for

Roy Russell Whiting

at the age 5

With Love From,

Mom & Dad

April 1, 2002

Page 4

Roy Whiting was up early in Roswell, New Mexico. He was so excited! “Today, Grandad Haskamp is going to take me for a cruise on a real Navy ship,” he thought.

Page 7

At that very moment, a helicopter landed in the back yard to carry Roy away on his adventure. Just as the helicopter lifted off the ground, the pilot said to Roy, “Why not invite Mike, Bob, and Wayne along.”

Page 8

The helicopter flew straight to the ship and hovered until the landing officer cleared it to land. The pilot then touched down carefully on the gently pitching deck. As soon as he was told, Roy and his friends jumped out.

Page 11

Roy was met by Grandad Haskamp. The commanding officer of the ship said, “Welcome aboard, Roy! We certainly do have a fun-filled day planned for you.”

Page 12

Roy and the commanding officer began the tour on the main deck where the helicopter landed. While they were there, the Navy Blue Angels flew overhead in their famous delta formation.

Page 15

Next they went below deck. Roy was very cautious going down the steep ladders. He saw the crew's working stations and sleeping quarters. Roy and his friends were invited to eat hamburgers, hot dogs, and french fries in the mess area.

Page 16

There was so much for Roy to see and do inside the big ship! All the officers and crew were more than happy to show Roy around and answer all his many questions.

Page 19

Then the commanding officer walked up to Roy and said, “Roy, would you like to steer this ship!”

Grandad Haskamp said, “Mike, Bob, and Wayne can watch you with me!”

Page 20

They immediately proceeded to the ship's bridge. As they entered the bridge, they found themselves facing the steering console. It looked impossible to understand. Roy asked, “Can I really do this?”

Page 23

Roy steered the ship to starboard (right), back around to port (left), and then dead ahead under the watchful eye of the skipper. It was so much easier than Roy had thought it would be.

Page 24

“You did an excellent job, Roy!” said the commanding officer. “According to the radio room, there is quite a group already assembling for our return. Take us home.”

Page 27

With this command, Roy brought the ship around starboard to a heading of 15 degrees. There, dead ahead, was the home port.

Page 28

The tugboats came out to escort them to the pier while porpoises darted in and around the enormous Navy ship. They appeared to be racing with them.

Page 31

Roy,” said Grandad Haskamp, “look at the crowd that has come to welcome you back! With my binoculars, I can see everyone.”

Page 32

Roy carefully piloted the ship to the pier. “Another great job, Roy,” said the commanding officer. “Look at all the people cheering for you!” “Wow!” Roy thought. “this is what it would be like to serve my country like all the other brave men and women of the Navy.”

Page 35

The call to “colors” was sounded. As the sun set, it signaled the end of an exciting and happy day for everyone. That night in Roswell, New Mexico, the very last thought Roy Whiting had was, “Now I know what I want to be when I grow up!”

Page 36

Roy Whiting

In MY NAVY ADVENTURE, you visited a ship. Do you know the meaning of the following boating terms?

1.      bow

2.      port

3.      starboard

4.      aft

a.      back of a ship, stern

b.     forward end of a ship

c.     facing forward, the right hand side of the ship

d.     facing forward, the left hand side of the ship

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