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Personalized book about Tee Ball

Title: Tee Ball is Fun

Price: $12.97

Brand: Create-A-Book®

Format: Hard Cover Book

Size: 7" x 8 1/2"

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Product Description

My Navy Adventure - Personalized Children's Book

This book was created by the creator of TEE Ball itself, Dr. Dayton Hobbs. TEE BALL is not just about winning. It is about playing fair and doing what is right. It is about being a good winner and not being sore if you lose.

"But the best part of tee ball is "TEE BALL® is FUN!"

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"Tee Ball is Fun"

Personalized Tee Ball book

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was created especially for

Michael Jeremy Smith

at the age of 7

Happy Birthday!, With Love,

Uncle Joe

June 5, 2003

Page 4

When springtime came in Atlanta, excitement was in the air. Flowers were blooming, bees were humming, birds were singing, and something special was going on around the ball park. It was TEE BALL time!.

Page 7

Boys, girls, playmates, and friends were gathering. Michael Smith, along with Larry, Jim and Billy, stood side by side. They were on the same TEE BALL team with many other friends. They were all very happy to be on the Redbirds team together.

Page 8

Happy to see them, the coach promised they would practice and learn how to bat, catch, slide, and other important things. Mike tried hard to always listen to the coach, and keep his eye on the ball, to swing the bat level, and to play safely.

Page 11

TEE BALL® games were always exciting. Mike's parents came to watch. So did Larry, Jim and Billy's parents. Many other parents and grandparents were in the stands too. When Mike and other players did well, they clapped and shouted! It was fun!

Page 12

When Mike came to bat with his helmet on just right, the umpire set the TEE BALL up on the tee. Mike took a deep breath and swung the bat with all his might!

Oh, oh! He swung so hard he spun all the way around - but the TEE BALL was still sitting on the tee. "Strike one!" the ump called.

Page 15

Larry, Jim and Billy shouted, "Go ahead, Mike! You can do it!" Mike heard someone call out from the stands, "C'mon Mike! You can hit it!"

Page 16

Again, the umpire placed the ball on top of the tee. Mike eyed the ball and swung straight. Wow! What a hit! It was a hot infield grounder. Mike ran like a jack rabbit!

Page 19

The short stop grabbed the ball and threw it to first base, but the throw was not quick enough. Mike ran across the bag just beating the ball. The umpire signaled, "Safe!"

Page 20

Folks in the stands shouted for joy! "Yeah, Mike! Yeah, Mike! We knew you could do it!" Everyone clapped and cheered.

Page 23

After the game, Coach Jones gave all of the players a high five. One of the mothers had good, cold fruit punch and cookies waiting for them. Ummm! Mike, along with Larry, Jim and Billy, and all of their teammates, liked cookies-especially chocolate!

Page 24

Mike and his teammates dreamed of being All-Stars and going to the TEE BALL World Series in Milton, Florida, where TEE BALL Baseball® was born. What a thrill that would be!

Page 27

For now, though, they gathered under a big tree to eat their snack. Coach Jones said, "You all did a good job today. I am proud of you! Did you learn anything that will help you next time?"

Mike perked, "Keep your eye on the ball!" Larry, Jim and Billy chirped, "Listen to the coach! Be a good sport! Don't be a quitter!"

Page 28

"That's right," said the coach. "TEE BALL is not just about winning. It is about playing fair and doing what is right. It is about being a good winner and not being sore if you lose."

Mike knew the Coach was right!

Page 31

All of the boys and girls agreed! Then Coach Jones grinned and said, "But the best part of TEE BALL is..." Just then, Mike and the whole team shouted together, "TEE BALL® is FUN!"

Page 32

Redbirds Schedule for 2003

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