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McGruff and Me The crime fighting dog

Title: McGruff and Me

Price: $12.97

Brand: Create-A-Book®

Format: Hard Cover Book

Size: 7" x 8 1/2"

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Product Description

McGruff and Me - Personalized Children's Book

"Be Smart, Be Safe" with this ingenious safety book. McGruff spends the day with your child at school teaching crime prevention. Two versions to choose from; Easy Reader and Standard.

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"McGruff and Me"

McGruff and Me personalized book

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Easy Reader Version       Standard Version

#517 McGruff and Me (Easy Reader version)

"McGruff and Me"

was created especially for

Jessica Lynn Smith

at the age of 5

With Love From,

Mom & Dad

February 20, 2003

Dear Jessica Lynn Smith,

Tomorrow my police friends and I are coming to Canton, Michigan to see you. You will learn many ways to "Take A Bite Out Of Crime."

Your friend,



The next morning, Jessica woke up and looked at the picture of McGruff on her wall.>

"Yippee!" shouted Jessica. "Today is the day McGruff is coming to Canton, Michigan!"


After Jessica got out of bed, she dressed and ate breakfast. She sat at the window until she saw McGruff and two police officers drive up in a police car.

When Jessica got in the car, they buckled up and went to meet Jessica's friends.


When they rode up to the school, Jessica waved to Brittany, Jennifer and Ashley.

McGruff said, "I'm happy to see your friends walking to school together. It's safer that way."


Jessica took McGruff to her class to meet everyone.

McGruff said, "Hi, kids! Today I'm going to help you learn how to Take A Bite Out Of Crime. Let's go to the auditorium."


The kids sat down in their seats. The principal said, "Today, McGruff and two police officers are going to teach us how to be safe."

Everyone got quiet so they wouldn't miss a word.


McGruff said, "Everyone knows that I want you to help me Take A Bite Out Of Crime. But police officers also help keep you and your family safe. They are going to teach you some safety tips."


The police officer said, "We are happy to be here with all of you. Our job is to make sure everyone follows the rules that keep them safe."


The deputy spoke next. "How many of you know your name, address, and phone number?"

Jessica raised her hand. So did Brittany, Jennifer and Ashley, along with all of the other kids.

The deputy said, "That's great! But that's only one part of phone smarts."


McGruff then asked the kids, "Who knows what number to call when you need help?"

Jessica raised her hand and said, "911 or 0."

"Great!" said McGruff. "Now it's time to say good-bye to our two friends."


Later, while eating lunch, Jessica and her friends talked with McGruff about what they had learned.

McGruff asked Jessica, "What is an emergency?"

Jessica said, "An emergency is when someone is very badly hurt. Or when there is a fire. An emergency is very serious."


That afternoon during recess, Jessica and her friends talked to McGruff about the broken swings on the playground.

McGruff said, "When kids break things on purpose, it is called vandalism and vandalism is against the law."

The kids promised to keep their eyes and ears open so they could tell an adult when they see vandalism.


When school was over, Jessica and McGruff got on the bus to go home.

McGruff showed Jessica that the kids leaving school on bikes had locked them up.

"You know, Jessica, locking up your bike helps stop crime," McGruff said.


As they walked home from the bus stop, McGruff and Jessica talked about being safe when walking to and from school.

McGruff said, "Always walk with your friends. Don't take short cuts. And remember, never talk to strangers--people you and your family don't know well."


Soon they were home. McGruff told Jessica, "Always check out your home before going inside. If a door is open, or a window is broken, don't go inside. Go to a neighbor's house and call for help."


Jessica was sad when it was time for McGruff to leave. But Jessica had made new friends--police officers.

"Remember Jessica," McGruff said, "it's our job to teach you how to be safe. It's your job to learn."

Jessica promised she would remember everything she learned that day. Then she waved good-bye to McGruff.


Phone Smart Chart for

Jessica Johnson

____________________Street Address

____________________City, State, Zip

_______________Emergency #

_______________My Home #

_______________Parent's Work #

_______________Neighbor's #

_______________Relative's #

_______________Police #

_______________Sheriff's #

_______________McGruff House #

#517 McGruff and Me (Standard Version)

"McGruff and Me"

was created especially for

Ryan Bingman

at the age of 7

Happy Birthday!,

Mom & Dad

February 20, 2002

Page 4

Dear Ryan Bingman,

Just a note to say how proud I am of you! You're always willing to help out your family and friends. You like to learn new things. And I'm told you always try to be the best you can be. Ryan, that makes you a winner!

I'm writing to ask if I can meet you soon in Pulaski, Wisconsin and spend the day with you. I want to share some safety and crime-prevention tips with you and your buddies. If we all pitch in, I'm sure we can TAKE A BITE OUT OF CRIME!

See you soon?

McGruff the Crime Dog

Page 7

This morning Ryan Bingman woke up even before the alarm went off. He was too excited to sleep another wink! Today, Ryan was to meet McGruff the Crime Dog in Pulaski, Wisconsin. And they would be spending the whole day together!

McGruff was even coming home with Ryan after school. Good thing Kyle, Stinky, and Matt helped Ryan straighten up his room.

While he was cleaning up for McGruff's visit, Ryan found things he had lost long ago. And he found some things he had forgotten he even had!

Page 8

In a flash, Ryan got dressed and made his bed. And even though he wanted to rush out the door, he took time to eat a good breakfast. Ryan had learned at school that breakfast was the most important meal of the day.

When Ryan heard a knock at the front door he carefully checked to see who was there before he unlocked and opened it. It was McGruff and some police officers, ready to drive him to school. Ryan locked the door as they left. "Way to go, Ryan," McGruff said. "Better safe than sorry."

When Ryan and McGruff got into the police car they both took time to buckle up securely. "Wow," exclaimed Ryan, "patrol cars are cool! Can we turn on the siren? Can I talk on the radio?" McGruff gave him a friendly smile. "There's more to crime prevention than just sirens, Ryan," he said. "Just wait."

Page 11

While driving to school, Ryan was full of questions. "What is it you do?" he asked McGruff. "I help build safer communities," McGruff replied, "by helping people take a bite out of crime. I can't do it by myself," he continued. "So today you'll meet others whose job it is to help you protect yourself."

When they drew near the school, Ryan pointed out his friends, Kyle, Stinky, and Matt, waiting at the school crossing. McGruff was impressed. "I sure am glad your friends know to stop and look both ways for cars," he noted.

"The best way to do it," McGruff continued, "is to look left, then right and then left one more time to make sure no cars are coming. And be sure to cross only at the intersection," he added. "Jay-walking is dangerous!"

Page 12

Ryan's teacher asked him to introduce McGruff to the class. "I'm glad to be here," McGruff exclaimed. "And I've brought a special crime-fighting sticker for each of you."

Ryan handed out the stickers to his classmates while McGruff continued. "I hope these stickers will help you remember TO TAKE A BITE OUT OF CRIME," he said. "Who knows what that means?" All of Ryan's classmates raised their hands proudly. "Good for you," said McGruff.

Soon everyone was asking McGruff questions about crime prevention. Ryan's teacher had to interrupt. "Hold your questions, everyone," she said, "because we're going to a school assembly where you'll meet other visitors who will teach you about safety and crime prevention too." As his friends lined up, Ryan proudly took his place with McGruff at the head of the line.

Page 15

Once the auditorium was full and the kids finally quieted down, the school principal stepped to the front of the stage. "Boys and girls, I'm pleased to present two of our community's crime-prevention officers. And with them this morning is crime-prevention dog, McGruff. He came here today to meet Ryan Bingman, and the rest of you too."

Ryan's classmates clapped and cheered when he and McGruff stood up. Next to them were a police officer and a sheriff's deputy.

As McGruff walked to the microphone, the auditorium became quiet. No one, not even the teachers, wanted to miss any of McGruff's speech.

Page 16

"Kids," McGruff began. "You know me and what I stand for. Now, I want you to meet two of my friends whose jobs include helping keep Ryan, and all of you safe too."

"They're here to talk about safety, especially for the younger children whose parents aren't home when school lets out. I know that's not all of you," McGruff said. "But all of you should learn and practice these tips."

McGruff took his seat next to Ryan and the two officers walked to the microphone.

Page 19

The police officer spoke first. "Thank you all, for inviting us to be here today." He turned to Ryan. "Ryan, I know you're excited to have McGruff here today. So are we! McGruff is a big part of our program of crime-prevention education."

The officer turned back to the crowd. "I'm sure that Ryan and the rest of you want to be good citizens. To do that," he continued, "you have to follow the laws of our community to keep everyone safe."

Ryan's friends were listening intently. The police officer continued. "The deputy and I are like referees or umpires in one of your ball games. We make sure you follow the rules. That way, everyone plays fairly. And most important of all, no one gets hurt."

Page 20

Next it was the deputy's turn to talk. "How many of you know your full name, your full address, and your telephone number, including the area code?" he asked. "If you do, stand up." Ryan jumped to his feet, and was surprised to see all his classmates standing too. Even Kyle, Stinky, and Matt! "That's great," said the deputy. "Now please take your seats again."

"Knowing your full phone number is just part of being phone smart," the deputy continued. "You should also know how to use different kinds of phones, including pay phones. Keep a list of emergency numbers at home, next to your phone. And if you're home by yourself, lock the doors behind you then phone a family member or trusted neighbor, just to check in."

Page 23

For several more minutes the police officer and deputy shared safety tips with Ryan and the other boys and girls. When they were through, McGruff asked an important question about being phone smart.

"Hey kids," McGruff asked, "Is it ever okay to hang up on a caller? You BET it is, if it's a prank call from a stranger. If you get a call like that, hang up! And never tell a caller you're home by yourself. Remember, your phone line is a safety line. In emergencies, call 911."

"Now," said McGruff, "it's time to say goodbye to our visiting officers and end our assembly. I hope now you understand what it takes to help prevent crime. We all need to keep an eye out for suspicious activity, and help keep our homes, our neighborhoods and our schools safe."

Page 24

At lunch time, Ryan, Kyle, Stinky, and Matt joined McGruff in the cafeteria and talked about what McGruff had told them in the assembly. They all agreed that McGruff's safety tips were good for all of them; not just the younger kids.

The Crime Dog gave them another valuable piece of advice. "Unless your parents or guardian say so, don't go anywhere with another adult, even if he or she says your family okayed it. You and your family should decide on secret code words to be used if someone else is going to pick you up."

Ryan had a good question to ask McGruff. "How do I answer the phone politely and NOT let someone know I'm alone at home?" McGruff suggested Ryan use phrases like "Can she call you back?" or "He can't come to the phone right now, may I take your number?"

Page 27

Later that day, Ryan caught up with Kyle, Stinky, and Matt on the playground. "Oh, man," exclaimed Ryan, "look at these broken swings!"

"And look at these initials carved into your slide," growled McGruff. "That kind of vandalism costs your school a lot of money, money that could be better spent on new text books or class field trips."

Ryan and his buddies promised McGruff they'd keep their ears and eyes open to help prevent vandalism to school property. "That's great," said McGruff, "with kids like you on the team, I think this is one fight we can win!"

Page 28

At the final bell of the school day, Ryan and McGruff boarded the bus to go home. Some of Ryan's friends were unlocking their bikes to ride home.

"We've had bikes stolen out of the racks, McGruff," noted Ryan. "How can I make sure this doesn't happen to me?"

"Well," said McGruff, "the first thing to do is not give crime a chance to happen. Make sure you lock your bike with a U-bolt lock or cable. And engrave your bike with a special identification number that makes it easy for the police to return it to you if they find it. Sad but true, most bikes are not returned because they don't have identification numbers."

Page 31

On the walk home from Ryan's bus stop, McGruff brought up another important subject: dealing with strangers.

"Ryan, a stranger is a person that you don't know well, or someone your family doesn't know well. I'm not saying that every stranger is someone to be feared, but be cautious if one wants to talk to you, and NEVER get into a stranger's car."

McGruff continued. "If you think you're being followed, run to the nearest public place where there are plenty of people, to a trusted neighbor's house, or to a McGruff house. A McGruff house has earned a sign in the window with my picture on it. It's a safe place to go for help in an emergency or threatening situation."

Page 32

As the two friends approached Ryan's house, McGruff gave Ryan still another important safety tip. "Check things out before you open the door, Ryan," he cautioned. "Never go in if the door is open or you see a broken window. Go to a trusted neighbor's house or a McGruff house. And remember, call 911 if you need help."

Ryan nodded and McGruff continued. "If someone you don't know comes to your door when you're home by yourself, don't open the door. Look through a peephole or window first. Tell the stranger to come back later because your parents are busy. If that person hangs around, call a trusted neighbor, a McGruff house, or use your emergency number to ask for help."

Page 35

Sooner than Ryan wanted, the time came for McGruff to say goodbye. Ryan would certainly miss his Crime Dog buddy, but McGruff reminded him of his two new friends, the police officer and sheriff's deputy. "Remember Ryan," said McGruff, "it's their job to teach you to protect yourself. And it's your job to learn!"

Ryan flashed McGruff a big smile. "I won't be afraid to talk to any police officer or deputy," he promised, "because I know they're here to help me. I'm going to work with them, my friends, and my neighbors to make Pulaski, Wisconsin a safer place for kids like me."

Ryan, Kyle, Stinky, and Matt had spent a great day with McGruff and learned valuable lessons. They now know that each of them can make a big difference, especially if they help McGruff TAKE A BITE OUT OF CRIME!

Page 36

Phone Smart Chart


Ryan Bingman

____________________Street Address

____________________City, State, Zip

_______________Emergency #

_______________My Home #

_______________Parent's Work #

_______________Neighbor's #

_______________Relative's #

_______________Police #

_______________Sheriff's #

_______________McGruff House #

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