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The Big Circus

Title: The Big Circus

Price: $12.97

Brand: Create-A-Book®

Format: Hard Cover Book

Size: 7" x 8 1/2"

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Product Description

The Big Circus - Personalized Book for kids

When one of the clowns gets sick, your child is asked to take his place and lead the circus through the Big-Top on the back of Big Ben the elephant. Lion Tamers, Trapeze Artists, Stunt-Clowns, and trained seals can't steal the show from your little boy or girl. This is their moment to be a part of the Greatest Show On Earth!

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"The Big Circus"

Big Circus personalized book

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“The Big Circus”

was created especially for

Robert William Shields

at the age of 2

With Love From,

Nanny & Papa

February 14, 2002

Robbie had waited such a long time for the circus to come to town. He had always dreamed of seeing the lions, elephants and clowns.

Now the time had finally come, and he was going to see that in the town of Winthrop, Massachusetts, Robbie's dreams can become a reality.


“Welcome children, young and old, to the greatest show around; to the place where animals, magic and entertainment can be found.

Step right up and take your seat, inside the tent so grand,” a friendly clown said to Robbie and his friends at the ticket stand.


Christina, Nanny, and Papa stood patiently and waited to sit in place. Suddenly a clown rushed out with a worried look on her face. “One of our clowns isn't feeling well!” she said. “I'm afraid he can't do the show. Would Robbie be willing to take his place? That's all I need to know.”


The clown looked down and studied Robbie, then smiled with great delight. “Would you be willing to take his place?” You are just the perfect height!”

Robbie looked at his friends with a great big grin, and quickly agreed to go. “Hi, Robbie, my name is Coco, and tonight you'll be in the show.” Coco painted Robbie's face white, and gave him bright colored clothes. She topped Robbie's head with a bright orange wig and put a red ball on his nose.


And just when Robbie was through getting dressed, the lights in the tent went out. A spotlight shone on the ringmaster, who started to walk and shout. “As we begin, please give your attention to the cage just on my right. Where Daniel, our fearless lion trainer, has worked both day and night.”


Six giant beasts rushed into the cage, as Daniel cracked his whip. Robbie thought to himself, “I could do that, but it's something I'd rather skip.” They jumped through hoops and formed a line, and Robbie thought it was funny, when a lion rolled onto his back, and showed the crowd his tummy.


As Robbie looked up, at the very top of the tent, he had to guess the next act was a dangerous event. Robbie saw a clown step forward, and jump on a flying trapeze. After he swung a couple of times, he hung upside down by his knees.


Suddenly, it seemed to Robbie that everything happened at once. Three separate groups came into the tent to perform three different stunts. First came a clown on a one-wheeled ride, as fast as he could go. Juggling things up in the air, he was sure to steal the show.


In the third ring was the funniest thing. Robbie thought he had seen it all, when a mouse and seal team stunned the crowd with balloons and a big bright ball.


The circus fun went on and on. It seemed to last all day. Clowns rolled in on a fire truck, with hoses ready to spray. Christina, Nanny, and Papa got ready for a soak. But when confetti sprayed out, they laughed, and saw it was a joke.


Robbie was busy watching the show, and completely lost track of the time. He was startled when he heard Coco say, “Get ready, we're next in line!”


“Get ready for the big parade!” Coco said to Robbie with a grin, “You get to ride an elephant that goes by the name of Big Ben.”

Robbie's eyes grew wide and he laughed with delight when Coco pointed and said, “Climb up this ladder to get on his back, and sit behind his head.”


Robbie climbed on the back of Big Ben, who stood at least twelve feet high. And just as Robbie was settled in, he heard the ring master cry, “Ladies and gentlemen, I'm afraid to say we're close to the end of our show, but we'd like to give you one last act, before we let you go.”


“We're going to have a big parade, right here inside our tent, but I have a great announcement to make, before we begin the event.

The one who's going to lead the parade lives right here in your hometown. It brings me pleasure to present to you, Winthrop, Massachusetts' own Robbie the clown!”


When Robbie had gotten off Big Ben, and thanked him for the ride, he went to find Coco the Clown and give her a hug good-bye.

On the way home Robbie remembered the show, where magic and wonder were found. Robbie knew he would never forget the day the circus came to town.

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