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Sibling Book a book for the new big brother or big sister

Title: The Sibling Book - A New Baby in the Family

Price: $12.97

Brand: Create-A-Book®

Format: Hard Cover Book

Size: 7" x 8 1/2"

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Product Description

The Sibling Book - A New Baby in the Family

A story teaching the older child how to cope with the arrival of a new baby. This book shows the importance of being a big brother or sister. "There's a time to be a baby, and there's a time to be big.  And every time can be happy in its own way,"

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"The Sibling Book"

personalized book for the big brother or big sister when new baby is born

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This book was created

especially for

Kelsey Shaye Whiting

at the age of 2

With Love From,

Mommy & Daddy

April 4, 2002

Once there was a little girl named Kelsey, age 2. She lived in Keller, Texas. One day, something very exciting happened at Kelsey's home. A brand new baby boy came to stay.


"This is our new baby," everyone said to Kelsey. "His name is Jordan." Kelsey could hardly believe it. "Wow!" Kelsey said right out loud. "I'm Jordan's big sister! I wonder what this is going to be like.".


From that day on, Kelsey began to find out what it was like to have a new baby brother in her family. What Kelsey first noticed was that everyone seemed very happy. Kelsey also noticed that everyone seemed very busy, too.


There was always a flurry of activity around Jordan. Friends and relatives and neighbors were dropping in all the time. Everyone wanted to come for a visit. And everyone wanted to see the new baby.


Jordan was very nice to look at! But he wasn't able to talk or walk or play. He wasn't even able to sit up by himself. There were only two things he could do! He could sleep, and he could cry. Little Jordan was pretty good at sleeping, and he was very good at crying.


Jordan took a lot of looking after. He had to be washed in warm, soapy water: warm, but not too warm; soapy, but not too soapy. He had to be dried with a soft, fluffy towel: soft, but not too soft; fluffy, but not too fluffy. He had to be dressed in special clothes and fed special food. And everyone had to be very quiet, so that little Jordan could get to sleep.


It wasn't just friends and relatives and neighbors who wanted to see Jordan. There were doctors and nurses, too. They wanted to have a look at him just like everyone else. They even had special gadgets for listening to his heart, his lungs, and all the other things inside him.


Kelsey wondered if Jordan sometimes just wanted to be left alone. Everyone was always making such a fuss over him! Actually, Kelsey sometimes wished that everyone would leave Jordan alone. "Maybe they should make a fuss about me for a while," Kelsey thought.


Sometimes Jordan was taken for a walk. He was wrapped in a special little blanket, and there was a special little buggy for him to ride in. And wherever they went, it was baby Jordan that the people wanted to see. "Oh, what rosy little cheeks!" they would say. "And, what pretty little eyes, and darling little fingers!" "People sure do like babies," Kelsey thought to herself."


Baby Jordan was given all sorts of special presents, just because he was a baby: beautiful flowers to brighten up the house, big fluffy teddy bears to watch him as he slept, and all kinds of toys! There were toys to shake, toys to stack and toys to roll. Kelsey's toys were mostly old ones that she had played with for years.


It seemed that no one had much time for Kelsey. "Let's go to the park and play," Kelsey said.

"We're sorry, Kelsey. We're busy with the baby."

"Will you read me a book?" Kelsey asked.

"Maybe later, since the baby needs me just now."

"Could we play a game together?" Kelsey questioned.

"That's a good idea, but the baby is a little fussy."


One morning as she was waking up, Kelsey had an idea. "When I was a baby," she thought to herself, "everyone made a fuss over me." Kelsey thought that maybe she should become a baby again. "If I were a baby," she said to herself, "Jordan wouldn't be the only one they would fuss about!".


Kelsey thought about doing what baby Jordan did. She thought about lying on her back, and crying the way Jordan did. "Would I get lots of hugs and kisses if I acted like that?" Kelsey wondered... "I don't think so," she said to herself. "And I think that I would feel pretty silly."


At play time, Kelsey wondered about sitting in the middle of the floor and making funny little noises the way babies sometimes do. But it was just too embarrassing for Kelsey! After all, she was Jordan's big sister! Instead, she picked out a few books and a few toys from the toy box. They weren't brand new, but they were her favorites, and she had lots of fun with them.


"Being a baby is fine for Jordan," Kelsey said to herself. "But I'm happy being a big sister! And when baby Jordan gets a little older, we'll have lots of fun playing together. And I think he's going to like having me for a big sister!"


"There's a time to be a baby, and there's a time to be big. And every time can be happy in its own way," Kelsey thought. "I'm glad that this is Jordan's time to be a baby. And I'm glad that he has come to live with us and we will grow up together!".


Kelsey Whiting

Hope you enjoy this gift.

Mommy & Daddy

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