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Personalized Noah's Ark book

Title: Noah

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Brand: Create-A-Book®

Format: Hard Cover Book

Size: 7" x 8 1/2"

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Noah's Ark - Personalized Christian Book

A wonderful book which tells the popular bible story of Noah's Ark and his animal friends. Trust in God is enforced in this story with scriptures from the Bible.

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Personalized Noah's Ark book

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was created especially for

James Michael Conroy

at the age of 5

With love from,

Grandma and Grandpa


Jimmy, did you know that there was a time when the world was a wicked place full of hate? God was not pleased. He decided to send a flood that would rid the earth of all the bad people. One good man and his family would be spared. Do you know that man's name?


That's right, Jimmy, Noah was his name. God is good and He would never send a great flood without warning. So God told Noah about His plans.

The world is full of wicked men and violence. I shall destroy the world and man with it. Make yourself an ark...(Genesis 6:13,14)

"Ark" means a big boat, Jimmy.


Noah went to the fields where his sons were plowing. Their names were Shem, Japheth and Ham. They listened as Noah spoke. "God has spoken to me and has told me to build an ark. It will be four hundred feet long and three stories tall. We will bring a pair of every living creature. We must begin building the ark now!" said Noah.


Then, Jimmy, the three brothers agreed to help Noah build the ark. Shem, Japheth and Ham along with Noah started to cut down large trees. They used the trees to make the huge ark. They started early every morning and worked until night fell. The work was hard, but they had to do it because God had said that soon the rains would begin.


Soon the ark began to take shape. When the neighbors saw the large boat that Noah and his sons were making, they began to laugh. They did not offer to help Noah. Jimmy, do you think the neighbors should have done that?


Finally the ark was finished, Jimmy. Noah called the animals and they came to the ark.

Seven pairs of all the beasts that are ritually clean, one pair of all the other beasts; also seven pairs of every bird--to ensure that life continues on earth. (Genesis 7:2,3).


There were elephants, tigers, monkeys, foxes, elk, giraffes, buffalos, badgers, snakes, rodents, birds and insects. All the animals arrived in pairs according to God's plan.


Two by two, the animals walked up the ramp and into the ark. The animals were calm and gentle. Each pair settled into the place that Noah had built for them.

After most of the animals were safely on board, Jimmy, Noah's family began to load the ark with food.


Noah, his three sons, his wife, and his three sons' wives brought apples, pears, peaches and grapes. They also brought barley, oats, wheat and hay for the animals. Then they stored clothes and fresh water to last for many days.


At last, the turtles arrived, and Noah knew that all the animals were safe. The sky turned dark. Noah entered the ark with his family and God closed the door on them. The rains came. Noah's neighbors pounded on the ark and begged to be saved, but Noah would not go against the will of God. He and his family remained safe inside the ark, Jimmy, as the flood waters began to cover the earth.


It rained for forty days and forty nights. The ark drifted on the surface of the rising water. Flood waters increased and covered even the tallest mountains until no dry land remained.


The storms raged, the wind howled and the seas frothed. The ark pitched about on enormous waves with Noah, his family and the animals safe inside. Later, God thought about Noah and the ark. The flood waters went down. The ark landed with a BUMP! It was stuck on top of a mountain called Ararat. Noah knew that they would be getting out of the ark soon. He had to find land, but how?.


Noah let a raven fly from the window and it came right back. No land this time. Next, Noah let a dove fly and when it came back, it had an olive branch in its beak. One week later, Noah let the dove go again, and this time the dove did not return. "Land is near," said Noah. Jimmy, how did Noah know that land was near when the dove did not return?


Exactly! If the dove found land and food, it would stay away. Soon, all the flood waters drained away. The sun shown down brightly on the puddles that were left.


Noah and the animals came out of the ark. Noah and his family built an altar and gave thanks to God for being spared. God was pleased. God promised never to flood the earth again, and to prove His word He placed a rainbow in the sky.

"This is the sign of the covenant which I make between myself and all the lives on earth." (Genesis 9:17)

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