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Easter Pageant Personalized Chirstian Easter Story

Title: My Easter Pageant

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Format: Hard Cover Book

Size: 7" x 8 1/2"

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My Easter Pageant - Personalized Christian Book

Your child learns the true meaning of Easter by starring as Peter in the school's Easter Play. This story tells of the days before the death of Christ as well as the resurrection.

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"My Easter Pageant "

personalized Easter book

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“My Easter Pageant”

was created especially for

James Scott Powers

at the age of 6

With Love From,

Mom & Dad

April, 2002


The whole town was stirring. Today was the big day. This was the day that Jamie Powers and his First Grade class at Bronte Elementary would put on the biggest Easter Pageant that Bronte, Texas had ever seen.

Jamie was a little nervous. He was playing the role of Peter. He knew the story of Easter very well and he had practiced his lines everyday. Today, all of his work would pay off. Jamie took a deep breath and walked into the spotlight, center stage.

“Hello, my name is Simon Peter,” said Jamie, “and this is the story of Easter.” The audience cheered and the curtains opened.


As the curtains came to a stop, Jamie's friends, including Alysa and Gary, were busy playing the roles of Peter's family who were fishermen working on the Sea of Galilee.


Andrew, who was Peter's brother, ran on stage and up to Jamie. “Peter,” he said, “come quickly! We have found the Messiah! I have spent all day with a man who John the Baptist called Jesus 'Lamb of God.' I want very much for you to meet him.”


Jamie was very excited. The play was going perfectly.

Peter and his family were fishing one night with no luck at all. Not one fish had been caught and they were very sad. When Jesus came, He said to try again. They did and the net was full of fish. Jesus told Peter to follow him, that he would “fish for people from now on.”.


Peter was describing some of the many miracles he had witnessed Jesus perform. He told of the day Jesus cursed a fig tree and it withered and died.

Then Peter told of the time they were on a mountain and Jesus was shining even more brightly than the sun and God spoke to him.


“One day Jesus healed my mother-in-law. She had a terrible fever and everyone was very worried. He even raised a girl from the dead once.”

The curtains closed and Jamie could hear the applause from the audience. He was not nervous any more!.


Jamie entered the stage for his next big act. Jamie began, “Jesus' life was amazing. He healed people, performed miracles and spoke the word of God. But the most important and exciting days were those which we are about to portray.”


Jamie, Alysa, and Gary were very excited. They were having lots of fun and at the same time they were learning how it could have felt to live around a man as great as Jesus.

The play was a success and the audience loved them all.


Jamie took his place on stage with Alysa and Gary, and the curtains opened. Jesus was sharing a Passover meal with his twelve disciples and speaking of his death.

Jamie knew this meal is known as The Lord's Supper, The Holy Communion and the Eucharist.


Jesus washed the feet of each of the disciples before sharing the bread and wine. (Jamie's class didn't really use wind, just grape juice).

Jesus told of one of us betraying him. He said Peter would deny Him three times before the rooster crowed.


When Jesus was accused of crimes he had never committed, Peter said he didn't know Jesus. As he said this the third time, the rooster crowed and Peter realized what a failure he was. He left in tears.


“I can't believe how these people are treating our Lord,” said Jamie speaking his lines. “It is bad enough that they mock him, but to hit him and whip him... Why do they make him suffer?.


Jamie was disappointed that his teachers wouldn't allow them to use a cross for the final act. They said it was too dangerous. “Jesus had to suffer on the cross,” he thought, “we should be able to set it up somehow, but the show must go on.”


When Sunday arrived, Mary Magdalene went to visit the tomb of Jesus. She couldn't believe her eyes. The tomb was empty! Jesus had risen from the dead.

Jamie, Alysa, and Gary felt a joy in their hearts. Even though they had practiced the play and knew the story of Easter, this was the first time they had actually felt the reason for Easter.


As the play continued, Mary Magdalene ran to tell Peter and John of the miracle. They rushed to the tomb and rejoiced to find the clothes lying undisturbed but the body of Jesus gone.

Then, as Peter, Jamie explained how Jesus appeared to him and to others.

He was alive!

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