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Six Brave Explorers Pop-up book

Title: Six Brave Explorers

Price: $16.97

Format: Pop-Up Book

Size: 8 1/2" x 9" Triangle

Preview: Click to read the story.

Product Description

Six Brave Explorers - Personalized Pop-up Book

A 3-D adventure through the Egyptian desert with your child and Six Brave Explorers... But, the group dwindles as the story unfolds, making this clever pop-up book a valuable and fun math aid. Triangle shaped book. Personalized with stickers that you apply.

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Preview the Story

"Six Brave Explorers"

Six brave Explorers Pop-up book

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Six Brave Explorestook Nicholas McCleese on a trip,

The group went out tolook around; soon up this bird did slip.

Nicholas didn't likethe way this great big bird arrived,

The large bird'swings knocked one man down, Nicholas was left with five.

"We can not letthis get us down; there's much to be explored,"

Nicholas thought,"These men are crazy"; plus he was getting bored.

Next there came agraceful cobra, the snake of ancient lore,

One man yelled,"I need a doctor," then there were only four.

As they continued ontheir journey, Nicholas missed his friends.

This trip was onethat Michael and Andy just could not attend.

Just as the fourbrave explorers stopped for a cup of tea,

A panther scared oneman, who fainted, then there were but three.

Nicholas now jumpingat every shadow, just wanted to go home.

Marion was such awonderful place so far from where he'd roamed.

Next they saw a hyenalaugh so hard that he turned blue,

Then one man fellover laughing, and they were left with two.

Two brave explorersknow that Nicholas must be tired.

But then they saw aset of eyes that looked to be afire.

Nicholas said,"Let's go right now, this doesn't look like fun."

But one man fell intoa trance and then there was but one.

Finally, Nicholasspoke up and said, "On this I must insist;

It's time for us toleave this place or I'm a soloist."

"Through manypretty and exciting places I've been led,

But I am very sleepy,and must go home and go to bed."

With love from

Aunt Judy

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