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Personalized Barney music CD for kids

Title: Barney Music For Me

Price: $19.97

Format: Personalized Music CD

Personalization: Sings and Says Name

Product Description

Barney Music For Me - Personalized Music CDs

Your child will LOVE to spend a fun filled day with Barney the purple dinosaur and his friends in this personalized music CD. They will laugh and sing and dance as they hear Barney and his friends singing and saying their name in these wonderful classic Barney songs.

1) Hello - dialog
2) Everyone Is Special - Song
3) Our Special Day - dialog
4) Bright New Day - Song
5) Laugh WIth Friends - dialog
6) Laugh With Me - Song
7) Can't Wait - dialog
8) You've Got To Be You - Song
9) Raindrops, Lemon Drops & Gumdrops - dialog
10) If All The Raindrops - Song
11) Thunderstorms - dialog
12) Rain Rain Go Away - Song
13) Let's Go Out And Play - dialog
14) Mr. Sun - Song
15) Hungry - dialog
16) Icy Creamy Ice Cream - Song
17) Play Another Song - dialog
18) Growing Big And Tall - Song
19) You're Very Special - dialog
20) I Love You - Song

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