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Personalized Three Little Pigs

Title: Three Little Pigs

Price: $13.97

Brand: Best Personalized Books©

Format: Hard Cover Book

Size: 6" x 9"

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Three Little Pigs - Personalized Children's book

The Wolf is after the Three Little Pigs. Your child is the hero in this classic, well-loved fairy tale.

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"Three Little Pigs"

Three Little Pigs

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Linda Mason

and the Three Little Pigs

Happy Birthday!

Mommy and Daddy

March 23, 2000

Linda Mason, age 6, from Buffalo, New York, was visiting her friends, the three little pigs. She couldn't believe all the commotion at their house. Boxes and suitcases were everywhere!

“What's going on?” Linda asked.

“Today is moving day,” answered Big Pig. “We're each going to build our own house.”

“What fun! Can help?” Linda asked excitedly.

“Sure,” answered Mid Pig.

“Let's go!” shouted Wee Pig.

So Linda and the three little pigs ventured out in the woods to find the best place to build houses. As they drove along they met a man selling straw.

“I could make a fine house out of straw,” Wee Pig said.

“Straw is not very strong,” Linda said doubtfully.

“But my house will be built in no time,” Wee Pig answered. And he began to build his straw house.

Linda continued driving with the two other little pigs. Soon they met a man selling sticks.

“Sticks will make a fine house for me,” Mid Pig said.

“Well, sticks are stronger than straw,” Linda said. “But sticks will not make a very strong house.”

“But my house will be built in a jiffy,” the pig replied. And he began to build his stick house.

Linda and Big Pig kept driving. After a while they met a man selling bricks.

“Bricks would make a very strong house,” Linda told Big Pig.

“A brick house will take a long time to build,” sighed Big Pig.

“Yes, but if we work together we'll have it done in half the time,” Linda said.

As Linda helped Big Pig build his brick house, she worried about Wee Pig and Mid Pig. Sandy had often warned her about the wolf that lived in the woods. She knew a straw house and a stick house would not keep out a big, bad wolf.

Linda didn't want anything to happen to Wee Pig or Mid Pig and, since Big Pig's house was just about finished, Linda went off to see if the other two pigs needed her help.

First she went to see Wee Pig, who had built his house out of straw. She arrived just in time, because when Linda entered the little pig's house she heard a tap-tap-tapping at the door. It was the wolf!

“Little pig, little pig,” the wolf cried. “Let me in.”

Wee Pig was scared. “N-n-no,” he stammered.

“Then I'll blow my way in,” the wolf shouted. The wolf huffed and he puffed. The straw house started blowing down all around Linda and Wee Pig.

“Let's make a run for it,” Linda cried; so she and the pig ran to Mid Pig's house.

Mid Pig saw Linda and Wee Pig running towards his house with the wolf hot on their trail. “Quick, get inside,” he called, and he shut his stick door behind them.

The wolf tap-tap-tapped at the stick door. “Little pigs, little pigs,” he cried. “Let me come in.”

“N-n-no,” said Wee Pig.

“Absolutely not,” said Mid Pig. “Then I'll blow my way in,” the wolf shouted. The wolf huffed and he puffed, and he puffed and he huffed. Soon the stick house starting falling to pieces.

“Let's run to Big Pig's house!” Linda cried.

So Linda, Wee Pig and Mid Pig ran as fast as they could to Big Pig's brick house. As soon as they were inside, Big Pig bolted his strong door. Soon enough, they all heard the wolf tap-tap-tapping.

“Little pigs, little pigs, let me come in,” the wolf called.

“N-n-no,” squealed Wee Pig.

“Absolutely not,” said Mid Pig.

“Not ever,” shouted Big Pig.

“Get lost!” yelled Linda.

The wolf started huffing and puffing, and puffing and huffing. But he couldn't blow the brick house down. This made him terribly angry. “If I can't blow this house down, I'll climb down the chimney!” the wolf yelled.

“Oh, no!” the pigs cried. “Linda, what will we do?”

Linda was getting afraid because she could hear the wolf's claws scratching on the roof as he inched towards the chimney. If only Linda had Sandy here with her, together they would know what to do.

Suddenly Linda had an idea. “Start a fire in the fireplace!” she called to Big Pig.

The wolf slid down the chimney and landed right on top of the fire. “Yeowch!” he hollered. He shot straight back up the chimney and ran far, far away.

“Hooray!” the three little pigs yelled. “Thank you, Linda, you saved us.”

“No problem,” Linda smiled. “Now I have to go back to my own strong house in Buffalo, New York. I want to tell Sandy all about you and the big, bad wolf.

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