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personalized Ninja book

Title: Ninja

Price: $13.97

Brand: Best Personalized Books©

Format: Hard Cover Book

Size: 6" x 9"

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Ninja - Personalized Children's Book

Aliens have invaded earth! It's up to you to join forces with the Ninja to save our planet from destruction.

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Kaysee Leigh Evans

In a Ninja Adventure

With love from,

Mom and Dad

June 22, 2017

One day John Rickey Brown, age 10, was walking down the street in Lacey Washington. He looked around and couldn't find Donald and Tom anywhere.

All of a sudden everything became completely silent. Then a bright burst of light that sparkled like fireworks lit up the sky.

Suddenly there was the wildest Ninja ever in front of John! He was green, like a martian, and had spikes on top of his head.

The Ninja spoke in a friendly voice, "Hi, John This is radical. Gee whiz, I'm glad I found you. I have it on the most excellent authority that you are the only person Earth who can help me!"

John asked, "How can I help such a cool dude as you?"

Ninja explained, "Well, my compact compatriot, here's the deal. The evil Nimrods are planning to destroy Earth."

"They sent this one dude, a spy named Finkle, to transmit the go-ahead signal. If we can stop Frinkle, everything will be perfectamundo. Will you help me?"

John answered, "Sure, Ninja! I don't wasn't Donald and Tom to be hurt."

Ninja snapped his fingers and the most radical motorized skateboard appeared.

"Hop on, John, there's no time to lose!" Ninja said.

They drove through dark, twisted alleys of the city. All the buildings looked creepy. Finally, they arrived at the hideout, an old deserted warehouse.

They peered through the basement window and saw Finkle getting ready to transmit the go-ahead signal. Ninja explained his plan.

"Alright, my cunning cohort, I'll jump through the window and surprise him. You sneak in the back door and we'll get him from both sides. Ready? Go!"

Ninja burst through the basement window. John ran around to the back.

John could see Ninja and Finkle battling across the room, and Ninja was winning. Finkle fired his intergalactic phaser, but it didn't do much good. Ninja was an expert with the electromagnetic sabre and neutron dagger. Sparks were flying everywhere. It looked like Ninja had won the fight, but just then.

Finkle managed to punch Ninja in the mouth and knock him straight into the laser cage. The evil invader activated the cage, and the laser beams cut through the air like sharp knives. The Ninja was locked inside the cage.

John wondered, "What would Donald and Tom do?"

Frinkle ran over to the transmitter and said, "Ha ha!

Ninja, how stupid of you to come alone. Now there's no one to stop us from destroying Earth!"

John realized that now it was up to him to think of a plan. Then he noticed the iron bars tied to rafters.

John slowly climbed the ladder to the ceiling and shouted, "Oh no you won't, Finkle!"

The Nimrod looked up to see who had spoken. Then, quick as a flash, John untied the ropes holding the bars. CRASH! The bars came down on Finkle's head, knocking him out cold. John quickly unlocked the laser cage and freed Ninja.

Ninja arrested Finkle and tied him to the motorized skateboard.

"Are you leaving? John asked.

Ninja replied, "Exactamundo, my resourceful rescuer, but I couldn't have done it without your help."

Ninja waved goodbye and blasted into the sky. John ran home to tell Donald and Tom about his wonderful Ninja adventure.

John Rickey Brown,

Enjoy this book.

A special gift from

Mom and Dad

The End

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