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Personalized Starwars Book

Title: Star Wars Queen Amidala and Me

Price: $24.97

Brand: Best Personalized Books©

Format: Hard Cover Book

Size: 9" x 12"

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Product Description

Star Wars Queen Amidala and Me - Personalized Book

Queen Amidala seeks out your child to help save her planet Naboo. They team with the Jedi Knights, Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan and Anakin in a Star Wars adventure!

©1999 Lucasfilm Ltd.

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"Star Wars Queen Amidala and Me"

Star Wars Queen Amidala and Me

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Tevin James Powers

in a Star Wars Adventure

With Love From,


December 25, 2018


Queen Amidala of the planet Naboo was in terrible danger! The evil Trade Federation had surrounded her planet. Their huge droid army had begun to land on the surface. The Trade Federation threatened to kill the Queen if she did not agree to surrender Naboo to them.

Queen Amidala and a handmaiden named Padme' escaped the planet with the help of two Jedi Knights, the keepers of peace in the galaxy. Two more friends had decided to help the Queen. One was Jar Jar, a Gungan who lived on Naboo in the underwater city of Otoh Gunga. The other was a small boy named Anakin Skywalker from the planet Tattoine.

But the Queen knew she needed even more help if she was going to save her planet.

Tevin James Powers, age 10, of Grapecreek, Texas, was building a new droid in his workshop. He planned to give it to Hunter, Tyler, and Garrett as a gift. Suddenly, a beautiful girl dressed in an amazing gown appeared in the doorway. Behind her stood two men, a nine-year-old boy, and the funniest-looking creature Tevin had ever seen.

"I am Queen Amidala, from the planet Naboo," said the girl.

"And I," said the older of the two men, "am Qui-Gon. This is my apprentice Obi-Wan. We are Jedi Knights."

"And I'm Anakin!" said the boy.

"Down forgetten mesa!" said the odd-looking creature. Clumsily waving hello, he nearly knocked the others over as he spoke in his peculiar accent. "Mesa called Jar Jar!"

"What are you all doing here?" Tevin asked.

The Queen explained her trouble. "We've come to you because we've heard you are quite clever. Can you help us?"

"You bet!" Tevin said. "Let's go!"

Boarding their spaceship, Tevin and the others flew to the planet Naboo.

As they landed, he could see thousands of battle droids marching toward a distant palace.

"I've got to get back to my palace, or all is lost," Queen Amidala said.

"Well, Jar Jar lives on this planet, too," Tevin said. "Maybe his people can help us!"

Jar Jar nodded. "Mesa tinkin deysa say okey-day to dat!"

"But even the Gungan army is no match for the battle droids," Obi-Wan said.

"They don't have to be!" Tevin said. "They'll just keep the battle droids busy. Our real goal will be to free the Naboo pilots imprisoned inside the palace. Those battle droids are all controlled by one signal from a space ship. If the pilots can disrupt that signal, we can stop the droids!"

"I think that plan will work, my Queen," the handmaiden Padme' remarked. The Queen agreed.

Jar Jar's people lived underwater in the middle of a dark swamp. As Jar Jar led them through the mist on the edge of a lake, they heard a low, growling sound.

"That sounds like trouble," Tevin said. "Queen Amidala, look out!"

Tevin had seen a huge shadow moving through the mist. He grabbed the Queen and the handmaiden Padme' and pulled them down to the ground just as a creature called a fanback attacked. The creature's snapping jaws missed them by inches.

The fanback prepared for a second bite. But the two Jedi Knights stood in its way. They used their lightsabers to drive the creature back.

"Are you two all right?" Tevin asked, helping the Queen and her handmaiden up from the mud.

"Yes, thanks to you!" the handmaiden said. "You saved me and the Queen."

Careful to avoid the fanback, the company moved on to find the Gungans.

Jar Jar's people had fled their underwater city and were now hiding among some enormous ruins. At first, the frightened Gungans did not trust the Queen.

But suddenly, the handmaiden Padme' stepped forward and spoke to the Gungan leader. "Your honor, I am the true Queen. This my loyal bodyguard." Padme' explained that she had traded places with her handmaiden to protect herself from the Trade Federation.

By revealing her secret, the true Queen won the trust of the Gungans. They agreed to help.

Padme', the true Queen, looked at Tevin. "I'm sorry I had to fool you that way."

Tevin nodded. "I understand. Besides, your trick gave me a great idea. We can use the same disguise when we get to the palace!"

The Gungans marched their army out of the swamp. Out on the field, thousands of battle droids waited to fight them. Tevin and the others watched as the battle began. Just as they were about to turn away, a battle droid on a small hovercraft turned toward them.

"Look out!" Tevin yelled. Everyone ducked as the flying machine flew right over their heads. The battle droid swung around and started shooting at them!

"Everyone into the swamp!" Qui-Gon ordered.

They dashed back into the swamp. The battle droid tried to follow, but soon lost them in the mist.

Unfortunately, the small band of heroes was lost, too. They could not find the path to the Queen's palace.

Queen Amidala frowned. "I know the castle is north of this swamp, but which way is that?"

"I can guide us!" Tevin said. He had remembered something Hunter, Tyler, and Garrett had told him. "Moss usually grows on the north side of a tree. That's how we can tell where we're going!"

The plan Tevin had suggested worked. Checking the trees, they were able to head straight out of the swamp and reach the castle. Hundreds of battle droids still surrounded the palace, but the Queen led them through secret passages that helped them get inside. With the help of the two Jedi, Tevin and the Queen were able to free the Naboo pilots, who rushed to their star ships and blasted out into space to attack the Droid Control Ship.

But then trouble found them. The viceroy himself, a small lizard-like creature, appeared with a squad of battle droids that surrounded the Queen. "Your little efforts are at an end, your highness," the viceroy said.

Suddenly, another Queen appeared in a nearby doorway. "Not true, Viceroy. You're the one who's lost!" The viceroy was shocked. "I've been tricked. After her!"

Tevin smiled. His plan had worked. The second "Queen" was the decoy. "Queen Amidala, now's your chance!" he yelled. The real Queen, who was there all the time, dashed forward and grabbed a blaster from a secret compartment. Before anyone could react, she had blasted the battle droids and captured the viceroy.

The heroes rushed to the hangar bay to make sure the pilots had gotten away. Many had already escaped in their ships, but a few were still fighting.

"What can I do to help?" Tevin asked.

Qui-Gon the Jedi smiled. "You've already done a lot. We'll handle this."

The two Jedi walked calmly toward the battle droids. Instantly, the battle droids started firing. Laser bolts streaked across the hangar bay. Whenever any of the dangerous beams came too close, the Jedi deflected them with their lightsabers. Anakin and Tevin, however, weren't so well protected! One of the bolts nearly singed their hair.

"Maybe we'd better find a place to hide," Tevin suggested.

Anakin nodded and jumped into the nearest starship. Tevin climbed in behind him, but it was crowded in the small fighter.

"Move over!" Tevin said.

"I'm trying," Anakin said. As he slid over, his elbow touched a button, and the ship rose into the air!

Tevin watched as their little ship roared out of the hanger bay and shot into the air.

In seconds, the spaceship had reached outer space. All around them, Naboo starfighters fought against Trade Federation ships. They were in the middle of a space battle! Anakin grabbed the controls, trying to dodge the deadly laser blasts.

Just as it looked as if they had escaped the battle, a gigantic ship appeared right in front of them.

"What's that?" Tevin asked.

Anakin answered, "It must be the Trade Federation Droid Control Ship. All the Trade Federation commands come from there."

"And that's where we're going!" Anakin warned. "I can't stop!"

Their starfighter flew right into the Droid Control Ship's hangar by and crashed into a wall. Instantly, they were surrounded by battle droids.

"I think we're in trouble," he said.

"Do something," Tevin suggested. "Anything!"

Anakin pressed the nearest button.but it was the torpedo launcher!

Two torpedoes shot out of the starfighter and raced down the main hallway of the Droid Control Ship. "Try a different button," Tevin suggested. This time Anakin found the right control. The starfighter raced out of the huge ship.

To their surprise, just as they escaped the larger ship, it started to explode. The torpedoes they fired had destroyed the Droid Control Ship!

Tevin and Anakin returned to the planet Naboo. There, they found Queen Amidala and her handmaidens waiting. All around the palace, the army of battle droids stood frozen in place. Without the command ship to give them orders, they had become as harmless as statues.

"Well done!" said the Queen. "You two are heroes. I would be honored if you became part of my royal court."

"Sorry," said the Jedi Obi-Wan, "but I sense that Anakin and Tevin could be great Jedi Knights. I'm going to train them!"

"Great!" Anakin said eagerly.

But Tevin shook his head. "Thanks for the offers, but I have to get home to see Hunter, Tyler, and Garrett back in Grapecreek, Texas."

The Queen understood. "But can you at least stay for our victory celebration?"

"You bet!" Tevin laughed.

The people of Naboo held a grand parade to celebrate their freedom. As soon as the parade was over, Tevin borrowed a ship and flew home. Queen Amidala and the Jedi watched the ship disappear into space. The Queen and the Jedi knew that, if they ever needed help again, Tevin would return.

The End

1999 Lucasfilm Ltd.

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