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Personalized book about Garfield and his trip to the zoo

Title: Garfield © Paws, Inc.

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Format: Hard Cover Book

Size: 6" x 9"

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Garfield - Personalized Children's book

Garfield needs your Child's help! Pooky has gone missing at the zoo! Join Garfield, Odie and Nermal on a zany adventure at the zoo and help Garfield find his Teddy Bear Pooky in this personalized adventure where your child is the star!
© Paws, Inc.

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Personalized Garfield book

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Kelsey Shaye Whiting

And the Search for Pooky

Happy Birthday Kelsey!

We Love You!  Mom & Dad

April 4, 2008

Kelsey Shaye Whiting, age 8 years old,was at the zoo near Midland, Texas when she saw Garfield and his friends. Noah and Josh knew how much Kelsey loved Garfield.

“I lost my teddy bear, Pooky,” Garfield sighed. “He was with me when I was eating ice cream, and now he's gone.”

“Are you sure you didn't eat him?” asked Nermal.

“Quiet, Nermal,” snapped Garfield, “or I'll sit on you.”

“I'll help you find Pooky!” said Kelsey.

Kelsey pointed to the ground. “Look, footprints! Whoever made these may have bearnapped Pooky.”

Kelsey and Garfield followed the footprints. “Will we find Pooky here?” Arlene asked. “I hope we don't find a swamp creature instead,” said Nermal.

“Arf!”Odie barked. He wanted to play ball.

“Not now,” Garfield said. “I have to look for Pooky.”

“Arf!” Odie barked again.

“Oh, all right,” Garfield said and threw the dingleball. Odie smiled and chased after it, running into the crocodile swamp.

“Uh-oh! Watch out for that croc, Idie!” Kelsey shouted.

Garfield heard a loud trumpeting sound

“Elephants!” Kelsey cheered.

A big mama elephant was giving her baby a bath. The elephant sprayed water from hertrunk, splashing Nermal. Luckily, Garfield and Kelsey ducked just in time and didn't get wet.

“Hey Nermal,” Garfield said, “how did you like your bath?”

“Yuck! This is worse than Odie's drool,” whined Nermal.

“Hey,” said Garfield. “Where is Odie?

“Let's keep following the footprints,” Kelsey suggested. Garfield and Kelsey walked by the monkeys, who were swinging in the trees and eating bananas.

Nermal made a silly face. “I look like a monkey,” he said.

Garfield teased, “You smell like one, too.”

A monkey squeezed a banana in each hand. Pop! Pop! The tasty fruit shot into Garfield's open mouth.

“Gulp! Gulp!” the fat cat said. “You can't feed the animals, but there's no rule that says they can't feed you!”

Suddenly, Odie appeared, carrying the dingleball in his mouth.

“We thought the crocodiles got you,” Arlene smirked.

“Let's look for Pooky in the bird sanctuary, “ Kelsey said.

Kelsey walked with Garfield and his friends across a rope bridge. Brightly colored birds flew through the air. One with a wiggly worm in its beak landed on Garfield's head.

“I think the bird wants to share her food,” said Kelsey.

“Yuck!” exclaimed Garfield. “I prefer lasagna. All this walking is making me hungry. Let's stop for a quick snack.”

“I filled up my tank and I'm ready to roll,” said Garfield patting his tummy.

“Maybe Pooky is here by the lions,” said Kelsey.

“Rwarrr,” Nermal let out a little roar.

“RWARRR!”A lion let out a big roar.

Kelsey wished Noah and Josh were there to hear how loud the lion's roar was.

“BURRRRP!” Garfield let out an even bigger belch.

“Garfield, it looks like you're king of the jungle today,” said Kelsey.

“Maybe Pooky is with the polar bears,” said Kelsey. “Let's check it out.”

Garfield and his friends watched the bears swim and splash in the pool. Garfield's veterinarian, Liz, was there too.

“Polar bears live in the Arctic and eat fish, Liz said.

“Fish?” Garfield said. “I prefer snow cones.”

“I know where polar bears keep their money,” Nermal said.

“Where?” Kelsey asked.

“In snow banks.”Nermal said with a smile.

“Let's split up,” said Kelsey. “We'll meet back at the big fountain. Arlene and Nermal can look in the kangaroo habitat, and we'll look in the Spider and Snake House.”

“The what?” Garfield said worriedly.

Just then a snake slithered down a branch and hissed, while a big hairy spider dropped from the tree.

Garfield ran as fast as his chubby legs would go. “I hate spiders and snakes even more than I hate Mondays!”

BONK! A big green ball bounced off Garfield's head. “Where did that come from?” the fat cat asked.

A group of seals clapped their fins and barked happily.

“They want to play,” Kelsey said.

“Let the games begin,” Garfield declared.

Kelsey tossed the ball to Odie. The dog smacked the ball with his big red tongue and sent it flying back to the seals.

Garfield, Kelsey and Odie met up with Nermal and Arlene at the big fountain.

“Look!” Kelsey exclaimed. “It's Pooky!”

Garfield and Odie's owner, Jon, handed the teddy bear to Garfield.

“Where did you find Pooky?” Kelsey asked.

“I didn't find him,” said Jon. “I guess I bearnapped him. Garfield dripped ice cream on Pooky and I took him to the fountain to wash him off.”

“Thanks for helping me find my bear,” Garfield said to Kelsey. “You're a good friend. I hope you can come back and visit us again soon.”

“That would be great! I can't wait to tell Noah and Josh about our adventure.” replied Kelsey.

“But next time,” Garfield added with a smile, “No spiders or snakes!”

The End

© Paws, Inc

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