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personalized Star Wars Phantom Menace book

Title: Star Wars Phantom Menace © 1999 Lucasfilm Ltd.

Price: $15.97

Brand: Best Personalized Books©

Format: Hard Cover Book

Size: 6" x 9"

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Star Wars Phantom Menace - Personalized Children's Book

Your child stars in this Personalized Star Wars Adventure.

© 1999 Lucasfilm Ltd.

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"Star Wars Phantom Menace"

Star Wars Phantom Menace

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Garrett Cole Powers

in a Phantom Menace Adventure

With Love From,


December 25, 2019

Garrett Cole Powers, age 8, of Grapecreek, Texas, had just finished building his very first spaceship with Tevin, Hunter, and Kyle when two Jedi Knights came to his door.

Their names were Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan. We need your help, said Qui-Gon. Garrett Agreed to go with them and they climbed aboard the Jedi starship as Qui-Gon continued. The Trade Federation has surrounded the planet Naboo.

"We suspect there's something worse going on," Obi-Wan explained. "But we don't know what."

"We"ll handle the Trade Federation's battle droids," Qui-Gon said." "But we need you to help us protect the Queen!"

Garrett agreed to accept this dangerous mission.Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace in the galaxy, and if they needed his help, he"d be there.

Garrett and the Jedi landed in a swamp on the planet Naboo. Nearby an army of dangerous battle droids was marching toward the Queen"s palace!

"I think we"ll need more help," Obi-Wan said.

Garrett noticed a strange creature standing at the edge of a dark lake." "Let"s ask him."

The creature spoke in a very strange manner. "Mesa name is Jar Jar Binks," he said, introducing himself.Jar Jar was a Gungan, a creature that lived in the swamps.He offered to show the others a faster way to get to the palace.

The heroes jumped into a submarine given to them by the Gungans in the underwater world of Otoh Gunga.By traveling under water, they could avoid being seen by the droid army.

Garrett glanced out a window and saw a huge shadow moving toward them." "Look out!" he yelled.

Too late.A sea monster grabbed the sub and tried to crush it!At the last minute, an even larger creature swam by and attacked the first one." After a fierce struggle, the submarine broke free.

"Full speed ahead!" Qui-Gon ordered.

Garrett punched the controls, and the sub raced toward safety.

"Thanks, Garrett," Qui-Gon said."We couldn"t have made it without you."

The heroes reached the Queen"s palace"but the battle droids had gotten there first!They were about to take the beautiful Queen Amidala and her attendants to prison.

The two Jedi stood in their path.The battle droids fired their weapons, but the Jedi quickly drew their lightsabers and blocked every shot!In moments, the droids were destroyed.

Garrett said, "We need to find a ship!"

The Queen led the heroes to a ship and blasted off, but the Trade Federation starfighters weren"t far behind.

The Queen"s ship was damaged during the battle, and had to land quickly.They arrived at the edge of a small town on a sun-baked desertworld called Tatooine.

"We need to repair our ship," Qui-Gon said.

While Obi-Wan remained to guard the Queen, Qui-Gon, Jar Jar, one of the Queen"s handmaidens named Padme", and Garrett went into town.At a junk shop they found the parts they needed, but the junk dealer would not take their kind of money.The only way to get the parts was to win a Podrace!

Luckily, they met a young slave boy named Anakin.He was a great Podracer.

"Do you think he can help us?" Garrett asked Qui-Gon.

"I hope so," Qui-Gon said."If he can, then I"m going to help him get off this desert planet. But let"s not tell him that until after the race!"

The next day was race day.Anakin roared down the course in his Podracer, streaking past several other racers." But the leader of the race, an alien name Sebulba, was a terrible cheat!He bumped into Anakin and tried to make the boy crash.

"That"s not fair!" Garrett yelled. "We"ve got to do something!"

He sprinted onto the track."Hey, you big bully!" he shouted."don't you know cheaters always lose?" Garrett kicked sand up into the air.

Sebulba was startled. For a moment he forgot about Anakin, and the boy was able to slip past him and win the race!

As the crowd cheered, Garrett said, "Boy, I wish Tevin, Hunter, and Kyle could be here to see this!"

Now that they had the parts they needed, Anakin, Garrett, Jar Jar, Padme", and Qui-Gon returned to their ship.

But on the way, they were attacked by an evil Sith apprentice name Darth Maul.The Sith Lords were the most evil beings in the galaxy.

Qui-Gon fought Darth Maul with his lightsaber.He was so busy fighting the Sith Lord that he didn"t notice a sandpit behind him.

"Qui-Gon, watch out behind you!" Garrett yelled.Qui-Gon glanced down just before his foot slipped into the sandpit, and he swerved aside."Thanks, Garrett."

The Jedi threw the Sith Lord off balance.Seeing their chance, Qui-Gon and Garrett raced for the ship.

The three heroes joined the others on board their ship, and together, they escaped Tatooine.

After a visit to Coruscant to plead for peace, Queen Amidala returned to her planet to save her people."But I don't know what good I can do," she said."My army has been captured.How can I defeat all those battle droids and the Sith Lord?"

Garrett had an idea."Let"s ask Jar Jar"s people, the Gungans, to attack the battle droids. Then we can sneak into the palace and free your army."

When they arrived on Naboo, the Gungans agreed to help and everything was going as Garrett had planned"until they were discovered at the palace by some battle droids!

"Let"s hide inside a starfighter!" exclaimed Garrett.

But once inside, Anakin accidentally pressed the ignition. The ship took off into space! Their ship flew straight for the Trade Federation battleship, which fired at them.

Anakin pressed the nearest button.Two torpedoes leaped from their ship and destroyed the battleship. Without the command ship to give them orders, the battle droids were helpless!

"You did it!" Garrett yelled.

"No, we did it!" Anakin replied

Anakin and Garrett flew back to Naboo as cheering crowds filled the streets. Qui-Gon grinned. Garrett, you may make a great Jedi some day. Would you like to stay with us?"

"Sorry!" Garrett said."I have to get back to Grapecreek, Texas to see Tevin, Hunter, and Kyle

Qui-Gon smiled as he watched Garrett climb into a borrowed ship. He knew that Garrett would be back to visit very often.

The End

1999 Lucasfilm Ltd.





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