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Disney Mickey Mouse Treasure Hunt

Title: Mickey Mouse - The Treasure Hunt © Disney

Price: $15.97

Brand: Best Personalized Books©

Format: Hard Cover Book

Size: 6" x 9"

Discontinued - Limited Quantities

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Product Description

Mickey Mouse - The Treasure Hunt

Your child will help Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck follow a treasure map to a buried treasure. What do they find? A surprise birthday party for Mickey!


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"Mickey Mouse - The Treasure Hunt"

My Day on Sesame Street

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Kelsey Shaye Whiting

Helps Mickey find Buried Treasure

With love from,

Mawmaw and Pawpaw

June 22, 2018

It was a beautiful sunny day in the neighborhood. Kelsey Shaye Whiting, age 4, from Midland, Texas, was standing outside Mickey Mouse's house with her friend Donald Duck.

"Hurry, Donald!" said Kelsey. "Mickey's coming to the window!"

"Waak!" Donald cried. Mickey Mouse's mailbox snapped shut, just missing Donald's hand.

A moment later, Mickey leaned out his front window. "Hi Kelsey! Hi Donald!" Mickey called. "I was just coming outside to check my mail."

Mickey opened his mailbox and pulled out a strange looking map with circles and dotted lines leading all over the neighborhood. "This looks like a treasure map!" said Mickey.

"Oh boy, buried treasure!" yelled Donald. "Let's grab some shovels and start digging."

"Not so fast, Donald," said Mickey with a laugh. "Do you think we should dig for treasure, Kelsey?"

"Sounds like a great idea to me," said Kelsey. "We can borrow some shovels from Garrett and Tevin."

Armed with shovels, picks, and plenty of rope, the three adventurers began their search.

The first stop was Minnie Mouse's front yard. Her lawn was neat and trim, and the smell of freshly cut grass was everywhere. Colorful rows of flowers lined her walk and surrounded her sweet little house.

"X marks this spot right here on the map," said Kelsey.

Donald was ready to start digging, and soon the dirt was flying.

"I hope Minnie doesn't mind all these holes in her front yard," said Mickey with a worried frown.

"We could offer to share the treasure with Minnie," suggested Kelsey.

"That's a wonderful idea," agreed Mickey.

Mickey, Donald, and Kelsey dug and dug, but they didn't find any treasure. Suddenly, Minnie Mouse arrived. She was carrying an armful of flowers.

"Oh dear," said Minnie. "Look at all these holes in my front lawn!"

"Mickey got a treasure map, and the clues pointed to your yard," explained Kelsey. "Maybe you can use all these holes to plant your flowers."

Minnie thought that was a wonderful idea. She was going to ask Donald to help her with the flowers, but Donald had already run to the next spot on the map.

The three treasure-hunters hurried over to Pluto's yard. Pluto watched with curiosity as Kelsey, Mickey, and Donald dug all around his doghouse.

"No sign of treasure here, either," said Kelsey. "You'd better take another look at that map, Donald".

But Donald was fast asleep, all worn out from the hard work.

"Gosh, Pluto. Sorry we made such a mess," said Mickey.

But Pluto didn't notice. He was busy burying all his bones in the holes!

Mickey and Kelsey woke Donald up and continued their search in the nearby woods.

Coming up empty-handed again, Mickey and Donald were about to stop for the day.

"There's just one more place left to dig," said Kelsey as she looked at the map. "In Goofy's backyard."

"What do you think, Donald?" asked Mickey as he studied the map.

But Donald was already on his way to Goofy's house.

"No time to talk," squawked Donald. "Gotta find that treasure. Come on!"

"Donald sure is in a hurry to get rich," said Kelsey with a laugh.

But guess what! Kelsey, Mickey, and Donald dug dozens of holes in Goofy's backyard, and they still didn't find any treasure!

"Uh oh, her comes Goofy," said Kelsey. "What are we going to tell him?"

Goofy was carrying a golf bag. He put one foot in a hole and came tumbling down. His golf clubs went flying in the air. Everybody dived to the ground and covered their heads to avoid the falling clubs.

"Gawrsh, thanks for digging the holes," said Goofy with a big laugh. "These will be perfect for playing golf."

Mickey, Donald, and Kelsey were all worn out. They had never felt so tired, thirsty and sore. Mickey suggested going back to his place for lemonade.

"That sounds great," said Kelsey. "And after that I guess I should be getting back to Midland, Texas, so I can return these shoves to Garrett and Tevin."

"I just can't understand why we didn't find that treasure," muttered Donald as they arrived at Mickey's front door.

When Mickey walked into his house, he couldn't believe what he saw. All of his friends were gathered inside and there were decorations everywhere.

"SURPRISE!" they all shouted.

Mickey couldn't believe it. "What's going on?" he cried.

"It's a surprise birthday party," said Kelsey. "Just for you, Mickey!"

"Kelsey came up with the idea of a fake treasure map," said Donald with a laugh. "That way, we could keep you out of your house all day."

Mickey was overjoyed by his friends' thoughtfulness. "Who needs treasure when I've got the best pals anyone could ever ask for?" said Mickey as he enjoyed his birthday cake.

"We just want you to know how much we love you, Mickey," said Kelsey.

"And we all want to thank you for digging those holes," added Minnie. "They really are going to be useful."

"Here's wishing you a happy birthday the HOLE way through," said Kelsey as everyone laughed.

The End

© The Walt Disney Company

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