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Disney The Lion King

Title: The Lion King© Disney

Price: $15.97

Brand: Best Personalized Books©

Format: Hard Cover Book

Size: 6" x 9"

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Product Description

The Lion King

In this personalized Disney book your child goes on an journey through the African jungle with Simba the lion cub, Pumbaa and Timon. They save a baby parrot. Hakuna Matata!!


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"The Lion King"

Disney The Lion King

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Robert Smith

Joins the Lion King in a Jungle Adventure

With love from,

Mawmaw and Pawpaw

June 22, 2018

The Morning sun streaked across the campsite in Africa. Robert Smith, age 2, from Columbus, Ohio, jumped up and threw open his tent flaps. Outside, his new friend, Simba the lion cub was waiting to take them on a journey through the African jungle.

Just then Bobby and Simba heard a snorting noise come from the bushes oh dear! Said Bobby, I wish Tommy Jimmy and John were here.

Suddenly a giant warthog and a tiny meerkat burst through the undergrowth. "It's all right, Bobby," said Simba with a laugh. "These are my friends Pumbaa and Timon. They're going to come with us."

"Oh, that would be fun" said Bobby grabbing his backpack "I have enough food here for everybody"

Pumba stuck his nose into the backpack.

"Darn, no bugs," he snorted.

The midday sun was very hot. Bobby and his friends were glad to find a shady tree near a gentle river where they could stop for lunch.

Bobby was eager to explore the river. "This hollow log would make a perfect canoe," he said.

"Great idea," said Pumba. "We could float down the river instead of walking all the way."

Timon jumped up. "Kid, I think you're onto something."

"Last one in the canoe is a dusty warthog," yelled Timon as he raced over to the river.

Pumba took a running jump and landed on the back of the log. SPLASH! The log sank into the water. Timon flew through the air.

"Aieeee!" He cried, landing on the river bank.

Bobby laughed, "It looks like you're going to be a dusty warthog, Timon!"

Bobby grabbed a stick that they could use as a paddle, and soon they were floating down the river.

"This is the life," said to Timon. "Hakuna Matata."

"Hakuna, what?" Bobby asked.

"Hakuna Matata. No troubles, no worries," He explained.

Bobby dipped a toe in the cool water and smiled. "Hakuna Matata," he said.

While the others were daydreaming, Bobby noticed that the water was getting faster and faster.

"Do you hear that noise up ahead?" He asked. "It sounds like a waterfall,"

Bobby knew how dangerous a waterfall could be, so he used his paddle to steer the canoe over to the edge of the river.

"Darn, I wanted to ride that waterfall," said Pumba.

Suddenly, they heard a faint squawk coming from the direction of the waterfall.

"Help! Help!"

Bobby and his friends ran alongside the river. They discovered a baby parrot stuck in a tree limb hanging over the water.

"We have to rescue him," said Bobby.

"Let's make a pyramid," said Bobby.

"Timon can climb on top of Simba, and Simba can climb on top of Pumba. Then Timon will be able to climb out and rescue the baby parrot!"

"That the nuttiest idea I ever heard," said Timon.

"Tommy, Jimmy and John showed me how to make a pyramid back in Columbus, Ohio." said Bobby. "it really works."

"Well, OK," said Timon. "But I still think it's nuts."

It worked! Timon stretched out his hand and grab the baby parrot.

"Yay!" said Bobby.

Just then the parrot's mother and father arrived. They were so grateful that they invited Bobby, Simba , Pumbaa, and Timon back to their home for a big dinner.

Bobby and his friends gladly accepted. All that excitement had made them very hungry. They followed the parrots to a clearing in the jungle.

Bobby looked at his plate of food. It was filled with lots and lots of little bugs! Yuck!

Simba smiled. "I didn't like them at first, either. But you get used to them."

Hakuna Matata," said Timon.

Bobby laughed. "Thanks anyway, but I'd rather have waffles and ice cream with Tommy, Jimmy and John back home in Columbus, Ohio."

The End

© The Walt Disney Company

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