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personalized Power Rangers book

Title: Power Rangers © 1995 Saban Entertainment, Inc.

Price: $15.97

Brand: Best Personalized Books©

Format: Hard Cover Book

Size: 6" x 9"

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Power Rangers - Personalized Children's Book

Your child will be become an honorary Power Ranger as they help the Power Rangers defeat the evil Lord Zedd, Goldar and the Putty Patrol

© 1995 Saban Entertainment, Inc.

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"Power Rangers"

Power Rangers

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Garrett Cole Powers

becomes an honorary Power Ranger

With love from,

Mawmaw and Pawpaw

June 22, 2019

It was a bright,sunny day and Garrett Cole Powers age 8, from Grapecreek, Texas, was having fun playing in the park. Garrett was waiting for Tevin, Kelsey, and Ty to join him.

Suddenly,Garrett heard the sound of someone calling out for help. Something bad was happening! Garrett ran over the hill where he discovered that the Putty Patrol had surrounded the Red Ranger and his wrist communicator was lying on the grass out of his reach!

In a faraway palace, the evil Lord Zedd was planning to send Goldar to destroy Earth. "My Putty Patrol has surrounded that miserable Red Ranger." he cackled. "He can't even reach his communicator to summon the other Rangers!"

But Garrett knew how to save the day!"I must use the wrist communicator to call Zordon for help," thought Garrett.

"I'll teach that brat, Garrett, not to interfere with my plans," yelled Lord Zedd.

Garrett ran over to the Red Ranger's communicator and quickly picked it up. Speaking into it, he said, "Come in Zordon!" This is Garrett We need back-up help from the other Rangers!"

Then Garrett heard the voice of Zordon. "I have received your message, Garrett. Help is on the way!"

Suddenly the other Rangers materialized in the park. The Putty Patrol was strong, but they were no match for the Power Rangers who are experts in martial arts!

Garrett and the Power Rangers traveled by teleportation to the command center. Once they arrived, Zordon thanked Garrett for his help.

"Thanks to your quick thinking, the Rangers defeated the Putty Patrol," said Zordon. "But now I am afraid there is more trouble. Lord Zedd has sent Goldar to destroy Earth, and he's on the rampage!"

Alpha 5 had more bad news. "I don't wish to alarm you," he reported, "but the Putty Patrol has joined Goldar in a path of destruction."

"It's time for us to take care of that king-sized pain in the neck," declared the Pink Ranger.

"Garrett, we sure could use your help again," requested the White Ranger.

"I'll be happy to join the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers," Garrett bravely offered. "I wish Tevin, Kelsey, and Ty could see me now!"

"Sounds like it's time to Morph back into action!" the Black Ranger annoucned.

"Go, go, Power Rangers!" cheered Garrett as they teleported to the trouble in downtown.

"Don't you Putties ever give up?" uttered the Blue Ranger as he gave a quick kick.

"Take that, Clay Head!" shouted the Yellow Ranger as she knocked a Putty onto the ground.

"I've got to help my friends," thought Garrett Just then he knew exactly what to do. Garrett grabbed a rope and tied it between two buildings.

"Hey, look what Garrett has done!" called out the White Ranger.

With a mighty burst of energy, the Rangers pushed the Putty Patrol into the waiting rope. Garrett quickly tied them up!

"That was a smooth move, Garrett," said the White Ranger."Now that the Putties are finished, let's take care of that moldy monster!"

"We need Thunderzord power now!" shouted the Power Rangers. As Garrett watched, the Rangers flew into the cockpits of their Zords. The mighty Zords tried their hardest but Goldar couldnot be stopped.

"White Tigerzord power now!" exclaimed the White Ranger as he called upon the awesome power of the White Tigerzord. A loud roar filled the air as the White Tigerzord marched into downtown.

But then everything went wrong. Garrett watched in horror as Goldar threw a powerful punch that knocked the White Tigerzord down. Goldar laughed in triumph.

But Garrett knew the White Tigerzord had the ultimate power. With a mighty burst of strength, the White Tigerzord lifted Goldar over his head and threw him down to the ground with an earth-shaking crash. Goldar was defeated and the world was safe again.

"Go, go, Power Rangers!" Garrett cheered.

 "Excellent job, Rangers," declared Garrett."Great teamwork!"

But there was more to come. The Power Rangers invited Garrett back to the command center one more time. There, Zordon announced that Garrett was now an honorary member of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers due to his bravery and quick thinking.

Garrett said happily, "Wait until I get back to Grapecreek, Texas, and tell Tevin, Kelsey, and Ty about my morphenomenal adventure with the Power Rangers!"

The End

© 1995 Saban Entertainment, Inc.

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