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Disney Princess Tea Party personalized music CD

Title: Disney Princess Tea Party

Price: $14.97-$19.97 - New Lower Price!!

Format: Personalized Music CD

Format: Personalized Music MP3 - New!!

Personalization: Sings and Says Name

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Product Description

Disney Pricess Tea Party - Personalized Children's Music CD

Little girls love the Disney Princesses and they love tea parties. In this personalized music CD the beautiful Disney Princesses invite your little girl to a tea party at the castle. Your little girl will love hearing the Disney Princesses sing and speak her name over 55 times! A little girls dream come true. This personalized CD even includes a personalized birthday song perfect for your beautiful princess.

New!! This album now comes in a digital version. For just $14.97 you can download the full album of songs as digital MP3 files that can be used in any digital device... iPads, iPods, smartphones, tablets, computers... just about ANYWHERE! For an even greater savings order both the CD and the digital together!

1) Letís Imagine Together (Dialogue)
2) The Perfect Princess Tea (Song)
3) Learning To Be a Princess (Dialogue)
4) Every Girl Can Be a Princess (Song)
5) Having a Tea Party (Dialogue)
6) I Just Love Getting Dressed For Tea (Song)
7) Parties At The Palace (Dialogue)
8) So Very Glad Youíre Here (Song)
9) Invited to The Castle (Dialogue)
10) Manners and Etiquette (Song)
11) Grand Celebrations (Dialogue)
12) The Princess Dance (Song)
13) My True Love (Dialogue)
14) Iím Waiting For My Prince (Song)
15) A Special Tea Party (Dialogue)
16) Happy Birthday Princess (Song)
17) A Princess Farewell (Dialogue)


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