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kids Juke Box - Music For Me Personalized Children's Music

Title: Kids Juke Box - Music For Me

Price: $17.97

Format: Personalized Music CD

Personalization: Sings and Says Name

Product Description

Kids Juke Box - Music For Me - Personalized Children's Music CD

Our biggest and best personalized kids music CD yet. This personalized music CD has 12 original songs that takes your child through a fun filled day from when they first wake up in the morning all the way until they go to bed at night. This wonderful personalized music CD includes a special bonus birthday and lullaby song. Your Child's name is sung in this personalized CD over 90 times!

We now have 2 Music For Me CDs. Please listen to the samples to make sure you are getting the one you want. Don't go by the picture or the list of songs. Different companies may promote them differently.

1) Wake Up!
2) Jump Up And Down
3) It's Time To Play
4) That's Your Name
5) No Rainy Day Blues
6) At The Zoo
7) Be Kind To Animals
8) When You Grow Up
9) The Counting Song
10) Down In The Deep Blue Sea
11) Everybody Say Happy Birthday
12) Sleepy Time

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