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Title: A to Z With Me

Price: $12.97

Brand: CBSI books

Format: Hard Cover Book

Size: 7" x 8 1/2"

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Product Description

A to Z With Me - Personalized Children's Book

Learning the alphabet has never been so much fun! A to Z is taught by presenting the alphabet by the shapes of the letters rather than the sound they make. No more A is for Apple with this title to truly help the youngster learn his/her ABC's.

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"A to Z With Me"

A to Z With Me

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“A to Z With Me”

was created especially for

Billy Johnson

at the age of 3

With Love From,

Mommy and Daddy

December 25, 2001

My name is Billy Johnson;

I would like you to play with me.

I'm going to teach you a fun, new game

It's called the ABC's.

First we start with the letter A

He's always fun to climb.

Then we sit down at the very top

And slide down the other side.


Next in line is the letter B

He's big and cuddly to hug.

And wrapping his arms around me

I feel snug as a bug in a rug.

C is a happy, jolly friend

Who likes to count her toes.

She'll let you count upon her knee

If you promise not to tickle her nose!

D is my funny, silly friend,

He always makes me smile.

He looks like a doughnut that's flat on one side.

Could we stay and play a while?


The letter E is an elephant

Eating leaves from a tree.

Perhaps she'll use her long, gray trunk

And share her lunch with me.

F is my friend Tommy

He likes to play ball with me.

Maybe if I ask him nicely,

He'll play the ABC's.

Now we come to the letter G.

He reminds me of Ms. C.

But, instead of counting on his toes

He likes to read books to me.


The letter H is the little chair

That Mommy gave to me.

Where I sit with my special book

And cuddle with my favorite blankie.

The letter I is my swing set

With bright red swings on both sides.

I also have a slide and a see-saw

Where Tommy and I can play outside.


J is the tail of an invisible cat

Who sits up in a tree.

He's a special friend of mine

Who plays hide-and-seek with me.


K is a hungry, baby bird

Waiting for his mother.

If I climb up and peep inside

Will I see his sister and brother?


L is my foot inside my shoe

Mommy helps me tie the laces.

Someday when I'm bigger

They'll take me to the neatest places.

M is the back of a camel,

All humpy and bumpy to ride.

It has a long neck and a fuzzy nose

And soft brown fur on its side.


The next one we meet is the letter N

Who makes a nice trike for me to ride.

Mommy watches to keep me safe

Whenever Tommy and I ride outside.


The letter O is an octopus

Who lives deep under the sea.

He has eight long, sticky arms,

All with hugs for me.

P is a puppy with long, soft ears

And a great big wriggly nose.

It likes to cuddle on my lap

And when it's happy it licks my nose.


Q is a little tadpole,

Or maybe a polliwog.

And maybe late this summer

I'll find it as a frog.


R is my hand covering my mouth

Whenever I cough or sneeze.

I always remember to use a tissue

And say, "Excuse me please!"


S is a snake named Sally

She lives in our garden out back.

She's helpful with the bugs

They are her favorite snack.

I think T is my favorite of all

Because it's the shape of a hug.

Whenever I ask Mommy how much Mommy loves me

Mommy spreads arms wide and says, "This much!"


U is my very favorite cup

I like milk or juice to drink.

I always remember when I'm done

To put it in the sink.

V is the giant crayon

I can use it to draw anything I want.

I close my eyes and imagine

Then draw on the paper what I thought.


W is a willy worm

Who crawls across the grass.

One day he'll spin a little cocoon

Where he'll wait for the winter to pass.


X is the beautiful butterfly

Who flies around the flowers.

It's wings are white and pretty blue

And we play together for hours.


There's a beautiful tree, the letter Y,

That grows in my favorite park.

It has lush green leaves on the very top

And rough, dark brown bark.


The very last one is the letter Z

He reminds me of friends on farms.

Because he looks like the funny shapes

On the doors of the barn.

Ihope you liked playing the ABC's

It's my very favorite game.

Especially when I play with my favorite friends.

Can we play it one more time?


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