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Personalized Over The Hill birthday book for adults

Title: Over The Hill... Bearly

Price: $12.97

Brand: CBSI books

Format: Hard Cover Book

Size: 7" x 8 1/2"

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Product Description

Over The Hill... Bearly - Personalized Birthday Book for Adults

This personalized birthday book for adults will be rip-roaring fun for the mid-lifers! When you are over the hill you are a furry ole teddy bear whose eyesight is dwindling, who has trouble remembering, who can bearly sleep past dawn, and a whole lot more!

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"Over the Hill. . . Bearly"

Over the Hill birthday book for adults

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“Over the Hill... Bearly
was created especially for
Michael J. Fox
at the age of 50

Happy Birthday from,
The guys at work
August 25, 2001

It was the beginning of another day like any other except that Michael J. Fox of Redford, Michigan was having a birthday today.

He would be 50. Hey! Just "Bearly Over the Hill," right?

The following pages will explain.


Just because Mike can't sleep until noon like He used to doesn't mean He is "Over the Hill".

Actually, Mike can "Bearly" sleep past dawn.

What does it matter?


Breakfast just comes that much sooner for Mike.

He eats bran and prunes and takes "Ex-Lax," anything that will help him to "get going".

Does this mean He could be "Over the Hill?" Maybe, but just "Bearly".


Getting dressed for the day is no problem for Mike since He doesn't care about styles or trends in clothes. Being "Bearly Over the Hill" means dressing for himself. In other words, being comfortable.


By the way, Mike "Bearly" has that "Loving Feeling" anymore even though He thinks about it a lot of the time. Because He is "Bearly Over the Hill" Mike can't remember why.

Sometimes being "Bearly Over the Hill" means you don't know if you are coming or going!


Being "Bearly Over the Hill" for Mike means the bathroom scale MUST be broken!

It is always reading the incorrect weight, since He has been on every diet ever invented in addition to exercising at least once a month!


One of the biggest problems Mike has being "Bearly Over the Hill" is when He deliberately goes into a room and then forgets what He went there for.


Being "Bearly Over the Hill" for Mike means someone is always moving the steering wheel too close, and for some reason Robert hesitates before riding in the car while Mike is driving.


When someone like Mike becomes "Bearly Over the Hill," celebrating could be dangerous. It's important to call the Fire Department first, before lighting the candles on the cake.

His friend, Robert, is very careful about asking Mike how many candles there will be.


Unfortunately, reaching that "Over the Hill ... Bearly" stage means the eyeballs become shorter.

Mike wishes His arms could become longer or at least newspaper print could be larger.


Mike knows He must be "Over the Hill...Bearly" since many words don't make any sense anymore.

Especially when trying to communicate with a MUCH younger person, like anyone under 20!


Television and radio are two new problems that exist since Mike became "Bearly Over the Hill."

His friend Robert says His TV is too loud and He can't believe what the kids today are listening to. Is it really called music???


Bathroom breaks seem more frequent now that Mike is just "Bearly Over the Hill".

Especially during the night, Mike can't remember the last time He slept through the night without being awakened by an urgent call.


Another problem Mike has since becoming "Over the Hill ... Bearly" is that objects seem to fall into another dimension.

He always puts things where they would never get lost. However, when He returns for the item, it has mysteriously disappeared!


As much as Mike hates to admit it, He is more than "Bearly Over the Hill"

But don't worry, Mike can always get even with friends like Robert who give him gifts like this book, who more than likely is also "Over the Hill ... Bearly."


Welcome to the Club!

Just grin and "Bear" it.


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