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Personalized Wedding book

Title: Our Wedding: the Bear Facts

Price: $19.97

Brand: CBSI books

Format: Hard Cover Book

Size: 7" x 8 1/2"

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Our Wedding... The Bear Facts - Personalized Wedding Book

A wonderful keepsake for newlyweds. The happy couple is portrayed as a pair of adorable teddy bears. Personalized sections include the wedding date, name of church, best man and maid of honor, reception site, honeymoon and much more.

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"Our Wedding... The Bear Facts"

Personalized wedding book

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Our Wedding... The Bear Facts

was created especially for

Jennifer Smith and William Johnson

With Love From,

Mom and Dad Smith

June 20, 2002

The lovely couple, Jennifer Smith and William Johnson, met about 2 years ago. They decided after dating and getting to know one another as well as any two people can to take the leap!

Yes, today is the "Big Day" for Jenny and Bill. It has finally arrived after "beary" much planning. Let's recall the planning stages and all that needed to be done.


There was so much to think about and to do to make the wedding day of Jenny and Bill the most celebrated occasion of their lives. They had been dreaming about their special day for many months. Just a few of the many preparations that would have to be made for the "beary big day" would be to pick the date, reserve the church, and plan the honeymoon.


First, the date to be married must be determined. The couple agreed the perfect day would be June 20, 2002 at 6:00 PM.

Next, where the two would take their vows to be married. This would be one of their most important decisions, one that needed to be made well in advance. They decided that the Holy Trinity Church would be the perfect setting.


Of course, they would have to reveal who would be the attendants on their very distinctive day. After much consideration, their choice for the Maid of Honor would be Lorrie and the Best Man would be Mark.

A reception would be held at the Country Club with family and friends in attendance.


There were still so "beary" many things yet to plan since they wanted everything to be absolutely perfect. They could not "bear" anything less. Jenny and Bill were having so much fun making arrangements that time passed "beary" quickly.


Needless to say, the two were "beary" excited and proceeded to send out invitations to all their friends and relatives that they wanted to share in what would be the most meaningful day of their lives.


They ordered their flowers from Blooming Florist and made arrangements for Elvis Presley to be the entertainment at the reception.

Their wedding rings were carefully picked out and purchased from Best Jewelry.


Jenny and Bill still needed a place to live after they were married. Would it be an apartment, a condo, a house? After searching for what seemed the impossible mission, they finally found the "ideal" home to begin their life together. Their "beary" first domicile together would be 555 Hanford in Livonia.


The anticipation was overwhelming for the couple, but after months of careful planning, the "Big Day" finally arrived.

Jenny and Bill pledged their love in front of many well wishers and loved ones.


Pastor John officiated at the ceremony.

Their reception was happy and fun for all. The guests enjoyed the food, music, and cake.

Most of all, they were happy for the newly married couple and were pleased to share that glorious day with Jenny and Bill.


Their best man, Mark, gave a toast and presented Mr. & Mrs. William Johnson. Everyone wished them love, happiness and lifelong fulfillment for ever after.


Jenny and Bill had thought a lot about their honeymoon and wanted it to be a "beary" memorable experience. Would it be to some exotic land, a skiing trip in the mountains, somewhere warm and sunny, or cold so they could cuddle in front of a fire?

They finally decided on Bay Beach, Florida, where they had so much fun and excitement, they could not "bear" to see it end.


They knew their actual "honeymoon" couldn't last forever, but their life together was just beginning. So they returned to their "love nest" in Livonia, Michigan with many mementos to show everyone back home.


Congratulations, Jenny and Bill! May you never forget your splendid wedding day and may all the love you are sharing now grow deeper with each passing day!


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