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The Christmas Miracle Personalized Christmas book

Title: The Christmas Miracle

Price: $12.97

Brand: CBSI books

Format: Hard Cover Book

Size: 7" x 8 1/2"

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The Christmas Miracle - Personalized Christmas Book

In this personalized children's book your child relives the story of Jesus' birth, as if actually there. Your child will also have his/her own miracle...one that will always remind him/her of Jesus' birth.

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"The Christmas Miracle"

Christmas Miracle

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“The Christmas Miracle”

was created especially for

Susan Elizabeth Shultz

at the age of 5

With Love From,

Mommy and Daddy

December 25, 2001

page 1

Christmas has always been a time of miracles great and small.On this Christmas Eve, Susan Elizabeth Shultz would be part of another miracle. She would become a character inthe greatest story ever told.


On this special night, Suzy was sitting on the floor near the Christmas tree. Along with her pet Sandy, she gazedat the beautiful, shining star at its top.


Suzy looked at the gifts placed under the tree. She thought about the wonderful surprises which always made Christmas so special.


Her daydreaming stopped as she heard the voice of Mom behind her."Would you please help me set up the Nativity scene, Suzy?"



Suzy got up from the floor. She watched as Mom removed the Nativity items from a large box.

Mom lifted something from the box that looked like a building.In answer to the curious look from Suzy, Mom said, "This is the stable."

Suzy listened as she was told about the stable. It was a place where animals like horses were kept, like a barn


"Why was Jesus born in a barn?" asked Suzy.

As they put the stable in place, Mom answered the question."When Jesus' mother and father came to Bethlehem, there was no other place for them to stay.There were so many people in the city at that time.The government had told all the people to go to their hometown to be counted."

"These were very difficult days,because it was so close to the time for Mary to have her baby."


Mom reached into the box and brought out the figures of the sheep and a donkey.These were placed in the stable."Here is the figure of Jesus' father, Joseph. And, this is His mother, Mary," said Mom.

Suzy took the figures and placed them in the center of the stable.

"While Mary and Joseph were in the stable that night, Jesus was born," said Mom


Then Suzy again reached into the box and unwrapped something labeled "MANGER". "What is a manger?" asked Suzy.

Mom explained that people placed food for the animals in the manger. "But, on that special night long ago Mary and Joseph filled that manger with straw and laid the baby Jesusthere," said Mom.


Searching through the box, Suzy looked for the baby. Soon, she smiled as she gently lifted the figure of the baby Jesus. She placed the baby in the manger.

Suzy wondered what it must have been like to be there.


As Mom reached back into the box, Suzy watched as otherfigures were removed. Mom told her that shepherds, who raised sheep, were there also.



Suzy felt her eyelids become heavy. She was very tired. Suzy tried to stay awake. Her eyes blinked as she stared at the treetop star.

She tried to listen as Mom told about how the shepherds came to be there. Suzy yawned. The star became a blur, and she could hear Mom.


"The shepherds were watching their flock of sheep that night. They were near the city of Bethlehem. While they were sitting around, something amazing happened."

Suddenly a flash of bright light forced Suzy's eyes open.But, the star was no longer on a treetop. It was shining in the dark sky so much brighter than all the other stars!


In the midst of that flash of light, Suzy saw the figure of - an angel?

And then she looked at her clothes. She wore a robe and sandals, not blue jeans and sneakers! Her pet Sandy was now a sheep! And she was a shepherd!

It was clear to Suzy that she was no longer in Canton, Ohio.


The angel spoke to Suzy and the others, and said that there was some verygood news. The baby Jesus had been born in Bethlehem!

This baby was to be very special. He was God's own Son! He was to be Christ the Lord. He was to become the Savior, like a hero for all people.

God had always promised that this would happen someday.Suzy heard the excited voices of the others.



The angel faded into the night sky, and the star became brighter. It was as if it pointed to that stable in Bethlehem.

She heard the other shepherds say that they must go and see this great thing which had happened in Bethlehem. Before Suzy knew it, she was standing with the others in the Bethlehem stable!

She could see Mary and Joseph looking down at the straw-filled manger. Resting in the center was the tiny baby, Jesus.


As Suzy watched, it was as if Mary motioned for her to come closer. As she moved to the side of the manger, Suzy could hear the others praying and praising God for this miracle.

Trying to see the face of the baby, Suzy reached out and removed some of the straw.



As she did this, there was another flash of brilliant light. Suzy heard Mom's voice "What a picture that will be!"

As her eyes opened, Suzy again saw the treetop star. She saw the old familiar blue jeans, sneakers, and her pet Sandy. But, there was something else!

Mom looked down at Suzy's hand and asked, "Where did you get that straw, Suzy?


Unable to answer, Suzy looked at the straw in her hand. Then she gazed again at the star atop the tree.

Without a word, Suzy placed the straw beneath the tree. It was a sign of the greatest of all gifts, the reason Christmas is celebrated.

This Christmas would have new meaning for Susan Elizabeth Shultz. She has her own miracle ... one that would alwaysremind her of the miracle of Jesus' birth.She could not wait to tell Sarah, Jenna, and Jane all about it.



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