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Title: Some Bunny's Easter Tale

Price: $12.97

Brand: CBSI books

Format: Hard Cover Book

Size: 7" x 8 1/2"

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Some Bunny's Easter Tale - Personalized Easter Book

In this personalized children's book your child goes on a magical Easter egg hunt with his/her friends and meets a talking bunny who takes the kids on a forest adventure.

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"Some Bunny's Easter Tale "

personalized Easter Bunny Book

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“Some Bunny's Easter Tale ”

was created especially for

David Matthew Price

at the age of 7

With Love From,

Mom and Dad

Easter 2001

"Come on! You better get up or youwill miss the Easter Egg Hunt, David," Dad called from the other room.Today was the day for the "BIG"Easter Egg Hunt in Westland.

At age 7, David Mathew Price had already decided that Easter was one of his favorite holidays and he had been looking forward to this day for a long time.


There were so many things that David liked about Easter: like coloring eggs, gettinga special Easter Basket filled with goodies, putting on new clothes for church,and of course hunting for the Easter Eggs was the best!


David wanted to share his favorite time with his friends, Brian and Mark.They all were to meet at the neighborhood park in Westland, to begin the Easter Egg Hunt.


When David arrived, he saw his friends, Brian and Mark, and ran to greet them.They had empty Easter baskets with colorful ribbons tied on the handles.They needed these baskets to gather their Easter eggs.


David really wanted to win the Grand Prize for finding the most Easter eggs.The prize was a giant, stuffed Easter Bunny. It was complete with top hat, vest and bow tie.That bunny was bigger than David!


Finally the big moment arrived! The official rang the bell and the hunt began! David and his friends, Brian and Mark, started hunting for the many brightly colored eggs. They found them under trees, in bushes and behind rocks.


All of a sudden, David felt something crack under his shoe. He had stepped on what he thought was one of the hidden Easter eggs.David and his friends, Brian and Mark, standing nearby, noticed a wonderful smell in the air.


Just at that moment, David felt very peculiar.

he looked around and saw what looked like a painted wall in front of him. It turnedout to be a giant Easter egg!!!

Behind him were his friends, Brian and Mark. hey were his size, but everything else had grown immensely!


David and his friends could not believe what was happening.They decided that the egg that David had stepped on must have been magical.That egg produced a smell that made them shrink down to only one inch tall.


At first it was kind of fun being so small. They started thinking about allthe neat places they could hide in someone's pocket, behind rocks, inside a rabbit's den, in someone's shoe, or even inside an Easter basket.


"Look out!" David called to his friend, Brian. Another child, who was hunting for eggs, almost stepped on his friend. "Wow, that was close. Maybe this isn't so neat after all," David said.

"We have got to figure out how to get back to our real size!" one of his friends exclaimed.


Without warning, David and his friends were startled by a giant rabbit! David picked up a twig and shook it at the rabbit. "Please don't hurt me," the rabbit pleaded.

David and his friends became frightened." A talking rabbit!" they exclaimed in unison.

"Maybe he can help us!" David shouted.

They explained to the rabbit what had happened to them and that all they wanted was to become normal size again.


"My name is Whiskers," the rabbit said. "I can help you. Hop on my back and I will take you to a magic marshmallow bunny. Eat it and you will grow," the rabbit told David and his friends.

They climbed up onto the rabbit's back and the rabbit hopped away carefully so he wouldn't knock them off.


They reached the huge, marshmallow bunny.David thought it was bigger than the giant, stuffed Easter bunny that he wanted to win.

David and his friends grabbed a handful of the huge, yellow bunny.David tried it first. "Yum, yum, this is great!" he told his friends, Brian and Mark.So they ate and ate until it was all gone.


Unfortunately, they must have eaten too much, since they started to feel bad. Dad always told David not to over do." We probably should not have eaten the whole thing!" he moaned.

Suddenly, David realized that he was standing over his friends, Brian and Mark. He had grown back to his normal size!


Immediately after, his friends were standing next to him, the same size as before. "What an un"Bunny"lievable adventure," David said, making his friends laugh.

They looked down at the ground to tell Whiskers the rabbit how grateful they were, but he was nowhere in sight.

By now, the Easter egg hunt was over and everyone had gone home. Anyway, this was much more exciting than hunting for Easter eggs, and David and his friends couldn't wait to tell their story.


Would anyone believe such a wild tale?Maybe they should just keep it to themselves as their special secret? David and his friends, Brian and Mark, agreed that keeping it a secret would be the best.


Suddenly, David heard Dad calling to him from the other room. "You'd better hurry and get up or you're going to be late for the Big Easter Egg Hunt. You know how much fun you always have!"

David wokeup thinking about the giant, stuffed Easter bunny that he wanted to win.

He was very happy it had all been a dream!!


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