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Title: My Balloon Ride

Price: $12.97

Brand: CBSI books

Format: Hard Cover Book

Size: 7" x 8 1/2"

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My Balloon Ride - Personalized Children's Book

A fun day at the circus becomes much more. The child holds a clown's balloons, and then suddenly takes off! The child soars high above the circus, to finally land on a camel. The child then hears the ringmaster announce, "Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the star of our show today--[THE CHILD'S NAME] and his or her wonderful balloon ride!

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"My Balloon Ride"

My Balloon Ride

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“My Balloon Ride”

was created especially for

Jacob Robert Jefferson

at the age of 4

With Love From,

Auntie Linda

August 25, 2001

Jacob Robert Jefferson was very excited as he woke upon that beautiful, sunny day.It was going to be a very special day for him.


His dreams, and now his thoughts, were about the circus which had come to Frankfort, Michigan. He thought about the Big Top, the animals, and the Ferris wheel.


Jacob knew that one of the things he wanted was a big,colorful balloon.He hoped that Dad would buy one of those beautiful balloons for him at the circus.


As Jacoband Dad approached the circus grounds, his excitement grew. They could see the Big Top, theFerris wheel, and the raised head and trunk of an elephant.

And, Jacob could see something elseby the entrance.There was a clown holding those wonderful, big balloons!


At the circus entrance, Jacob pointed up to the balloons gently dancing in the breeze. The clown wiggled his big red nose,and honked the horn on his belt. "What is your name, little boy? "he asked.

"My name is Jacob Robert Jefferson", Jacob answered.


Jacob asked Dad if he could please have one of the balloons. Dad handed the clown money for Jacob's balloon.


The clown bent down and said, "Jacob, will you hold my balloons while I get somechange?"

Jacob answered yes with a large smile. Then the clown handed the balloon strings to Jacob.


Suddenly, a strong gust of wind began to tug at the balloons. Jacob felt his feet leave the ground as he bravely clung to the balloon strings.

Before anyone realized it, Jacob was floating above the circus entrance.


The balloons lifted Jacob towards an area where the animal trainer was working with the elephants. Raising their trunks, the elephants saluted Jacob on his ride.

A parrot, which had been perched on the shoulder of the trainer, flew to the top of Jacob's balloons. It squawked, "Jacob's balloon ride... Jacob's balloon ride."


The balloons dipped with the breeze and carried Jacob through the entrance to the Big Top.

He could hear the voice of Dad in the distance, "Hold on Jacob! Hold on tightly!"


As the balloons lifted Jacob into the center of the Big Top, he could hear the cheers of the crowd below.

The Ringmaster was pointing upward to the tightrope walker, and was amazed to see Jacob with the balloons and his parrot passenger.


Jacob's ride took him through the large opening in the tent.The Ringmaster and the audience below ran out of the Big Top to follow Jacob's wonderful ride.


The swirling breezes carried the balloons above the Ferris wheel. As Jacob held on, it looked as if he was dancing on the tree tops.

The excited boys and girls on the ferris wheel pointed at him. They cheered, as if they wished they could be on Jacob's ride.


The parrot again squawked, "Jacob's balloon ride. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Jacob's wonderful balloon ride!"


As the crowd below watched, the parrot suddenly used his beak to pop one of the balloons. With a jerk, Jacob came closer to the ground.


The parrot broke another balloon and then another! Jacob could hear the voice of Dad below, "Hold on Jacob, hold on!"His ride came down more with each popped balloon.


Finally, with only a few balloons left, Jacob landed safely between the humps of a large camel.The Ringmaster announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the star of our show today. Jacob Robert Jefferson and his wonderful balloon ride!"


Jacob had come to see the circus. He left that day as the main attraction!



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