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Title: Teddy Bear Fair

Price: $12.97

Brand: CBSI books

Format: Hard Cover Book

Size: 7" x 8 1/2"

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Product Description

Teddy Bear Fair - Personalized Children's Book

In this personalized children's book your child visits a teddy bear fair with two of his/her adult friends or relatives. This is an honor given to only one child each year. The fair has rides, games and food just for teddy bears. It's a wonderful day your child will never forget. (This book has no child friends because only one child can go to the Teddy Bear Fair each year.)

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"Teddy Bear Fair"

Teddy Bear Fair

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“Teddy Bear Fair”

was created especially for

Jennifer Lynn Johnson

at the age of 3

With Love From,

Auntie Linda

August 25, 2001

One day, when Jenny awakened, she saw something on the lap of her teddy bear. It was a note addressed to her.


Jenny reached for the note and saw that it had hername at the top.

To: Jennifer Lynn Johnson

It also had her address.

623 Washington Lane

Canton, Michigan


Jenny turned over the note and it read. "Because you are such a special person, Jenny, you are invited to attend the Teddy Bear Fair today. This is an honor given to only one child each year. "

"A note like this one has also been sent to Auntie Linda. Auntie Linda will meet you at 11:00 am, right here in your room."


Jenny quickly dressed and sat on the edge of her bed and stared at her teddy bear.

Shortly before 11:00 am, Jenny heard the voice of Auntie Linda at her door:"Jenny, may I come in?" asked Auntie Linda. "I am supposed to meet you now for something special," said Auntie Linda.

"Come in!" Jenny said with excitement in her voice.


As they were all gathered in Jenny's room, something amazing happened. Jenny's teddy bear began to talk! Auntie Linda was even more surprised than Jenny.

"We must hurry now!" exclaimed the teddy bear. "Jenny, please pick me up and hold me," continued Jenny's teddy bear.


The bear asked, "Are you ready, Jenny?"

Speechless, she nodded "yes".

"What about you, Auntie Linda?" who nodded too.

The enchanted bear looked at them and said, "All right, close your eyes and repeat after me . . . 1, 2 ,3 , the Teddy Bear Fair - I want to see!"

And, together Jenny and Auntie Linda shouted "1, 2 ,3 , the Teddy Bear Fair - I want to see!"


After a brief moment, they were told to open their eyes. What a surprise! Jenny looked at the gateway over which were the words: "Welcome to the Teddy Bear Fair".

Jenny said, "Where in the world are we?"

To which Auntie Linda replied, "Well, I don't know, but I sure have never seen anything like this around Canton before!"


Jenny's teddy bear jumped down from her arms and motioned for them to follow him. As they passed through the gateway, teddy bears from all around welcomed them: "Congratulations, Jenny, for being chosen to come to the Teddy Bear Fair. You must be a very special girl! and Auntie Linda."


As Jenny and Auntie Linda followed their teddy bearfriend, they approached the merry-go-round. "Would you like to ride on this carousel, Jenny?" asked the bear.

"Yes!" said Jenny.

Then Jenny followed her fuzzy friend onto the merry-go-round and Auntie Linda smiled while watching Jenny enjoy her ride.


After riding, Jenny and the bear, along with Auntie Linda came upon a brightly colored booth. There was a teddy bear with a straw hat and cane whowas shouting, "Step right up here! Break the balloons! Win a prize!"

"May I try to win a prize?" Jenny asked Auntie Linda.

"Is it OK if Jenny does that?" Auntie Linda asked.

"Sure! Give it a try!" said the teddy bear.


As Jenny walked to the front of the booth, the bear with the straw hat handed her three darts and said, "Pop three balloons and you'll be a winner."

Jenny aimed, threw the first dart. Pop! Then she tossed the second dart.It burst a balloon! Then Auntie Linda cheered, "Do it! Just one more!"

Jenny took a deep breath and threw the third dart right through a balloon.


"You're a winner, Jenny!" shouted the cane waving teddy bear,"I'll get your prize." Auntie Linda wondered what Jenny could have won.

Usually at fairs, people win teddy bears at such games, Auntie Linda thought. From below the booth's counter Jenny's prize was found and handed to her.

It was a doll, a PEOPLE doll, which looked a lot like Jenny.


Next, Jenny rode on the Ferris wheel with the teddy bears. At its top, Jenny looked down and waved to Auntie Linda.

Jenny could also see teddy bears riding ponies below. And, there was a teddy bear roller coaster.


When Jenny's Ferris wheel ride was finished, she saw something very funny. There were two teddy bear clowns! One of them was juggling. And, the other was doing a hand-stand on just one hand or one paw!


Jenny's teddy bear asked if they would like something to eat. It sounded like a good idea to everyone.

As they came upon the refreshment stand, Auntie Linda smiled as the bear read the menu to Jenny: "They have frozen honey bars, Teddy Bear Waffles with honey, honey flavored cotton candy, and honey ice cream."


Jenny took a frozen honey bar. As she ate it, Auntie Linda gave her a balloon, a balloon shaped like a teddy bear. As Jenny stood there with her treat, the doll, and balloon, she thought about all the fun she had been having.

To her teddy bear, she said, "I can't wait to tell everyone about this great day!"

"No," said the bear. "Remember, you can't tell anyone else." To all of them, he said,"Please, close your eyes."


When Jenny opened her eyes, she was in her bedroom. Jenny didn't know why Auntie Linda was there. And, Auntie Linda couldn't explain it either.

Jenny also did not know where the doll, the balloon, or the honey bar came from.


Jenny said, "I know we were some place, but I don't know where. It's as if we had been to a Teddy Bear Fair."



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