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My Neptune Voyage Interactive Storybook Program

Title: My Neptune Voyage

Price: $17.97

Format: Interactive Storybook Program

Personalization: Says child's name and
customizable child character.

When you order a Kids Story Book CD you choose the child's name, race, gender, hair color, and eye color. Your child will literally see himself or herself as the star of the story. Even parents who appear in the stories are customized. Click here to see how we customize the characters in the story.

Please be sure the computer you will be using the program on meets the requirements listed below.

Product Description

My Neptune Voyage - Personalized Interactive Storybook Program

Your child goes to the library and sees an exhibit on space. He or she checks out a book on Neptune and dreams of going there. Your child can't help asking many questions about Neptune that just can't be answered until Glixy lands his spaceship in your child's backyard. Glixy says, “Please do not fear, I was at home on Neptune, just reading my book, when I overheard your wish, so I came to take a look.” Glixy takes your child in his spaceship to Neptune where he meets the most beautiful assortment of aliens this side of the galaxy. They play all day on Neptune until Glixy warns your child that his or her parents may worry. So he takes your child home and in the morning awakes, wondering if it was real or all just a dream.

Story has 15 or more vividly illustrated scenes with interactive animation. After your child hears the scene read to him or her, the child clicks on objects in the scene that either speak or move, and make sounds. This interaction draws the child further into the story and makes him or her feel part of the story. With over 100 things to click on, your kids can interact with this CD ROM for hours.

Added bonus. Every scene of every story can be printed for coloring and every Story Book CD comes with a maze game with three levels

System Requirements
Operating System: Windows XP
Processor: 600 MHz Intel Pentium III or equivalent
Memory: 128 MB of RAM (256 MB recommended)
Sound: Sound card and speakers

Interactive Preview
Click on the text to hear the story being read. CD can be set up to read automatically without the need to click. Click on objects to see how they move or talk. Actual CD has much more interaction than the sample.
Click here to see how we customize the characters in the story.

Personalize Your Item
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 We will not be responsible for mispronounced names if you do not fill in the pronunciation field.


Finding your child's name

storybook menu   story book dedication page
Click above to see larger menu and dedication pages.

Interactive example of the character builder software built into the program.


When you order a Kids Story Book CD you select the child's name and physical features.
It's as easy as 1-2-3

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